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Much has changed since the 1820's when Rix Robinson first established his fur trading post at the confluence of the Grand and Thornapple rivers and laid the foundation for modern day Ada. Or has it?

Sure Ada has a booming residential market, big plans to dress up the village center, and the global headquarters of the multi-billion dollar Amway Corporation.

But the community's wild and wooded character, and its prime location outside the busy county seat of Grand Rapids, continues to attract entrepreneurs, residents, and visitors. The challenge in the coming decades is to maintain the high quality of life that's stood for nearly 200 years.

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Shannon Cohen

No more 'West Michigan nice': It's time to talk about race, gender & leadership in the workplace

A new research project tells the stories of female leaders of color in West Michigan, and the women's words make it clear: we must be better when it comes to fighting, and acknowledging, racism and sexism in the workplace.

FT iot

Getting back to the business of living: Amway's Sara Gonzalez shows us the humanity of technology

Even within one of the world's largest and most prolific corporations, the stars of innovation can still shine brightly. Here in West Michigan, Sara Gonzalez is illuminating new systems within the interconnected galaxies of design and technology at Amway.


¿Habla Español? Language immersion programs bring the world to West Michigan

An ever-increasing number of students are opting for language immersion programs in schools across West Michigan, and parents, educators and researchers are finding that the focus on another language is resulting in better grades, higher test scores and a deeper connection with their city -- and their world.

Shelly Irwin

RapidChat: Shelley Irwin

As the host of WGVU's The Morning Show, a world champion long distance triathlete, Ironman trainee, and a highly active community member,  it's easy to see why "just do it!" is one of Shelley Irwin's favorite phrases. As a master of all trades, Shelley gives us some advice on how to seamlessly accomplish it all. Spoiler alert: It's not by drinking six to eight cups of coffee a day.

Doug Lee

UIX: Doug Lee and Jam'N Bean are hitting the right notes

Doug Lee's approach to the arts is simple: Support them and they will grow. His approach to coffee shops works in much the same vein. At Jam'n Bean, coffee is the seed—or rather the bean—that cultivates interest in entertainment and community.
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