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New pour-over coffee house, Lyon Street Cafe, joins the Chamelly family business

As Director of Operations of the new Lyon Street Café, Alex Chamelly says she wants the new coffee shop to be a place for everybody.  

"Simple, but still warm and inviting," she says. "Someplace you want to sit for the day and do homework, somewhere comfortable for people of all ages." 

The space at 617 Lyon Street NE has seating for about 50 people, with furniture made from reclaimed wood sourced from places around Michigan and Edison light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. The brick walls are painted a bright white and work well as the backdrop for a modern-industrial gathering space. 

Lyon Street Café's Nov. 22 opening marks the third neighborhood venture on Lyon Street for Chamelly's father, Kameel Chamelly, who owns the café as well as Martha's Vineyard and the recently consolidated Nantucket Bakery in neighboring storefronts. 

"I think that at Martha's and Nantucket we get a variety of people who come in, from kids who are in college to older regulars who come every week for bread - we're just doing the same thing here and having a place where anyone can come and feel comfortable and welcome," Alex Chamelly says. "We have little kids coming in for hot chocolate."

Lyon Street Café serves Mad Cap brand coffee, and brought in one of the fellow coffee retailer's pour-over masters to train seven new employees in the art prior to opening. Alongside brewed coffee, Lyon Street Café offers a host of espresso drinks.

Chamelly says right now, her favorite drink on the menu is the honey and cinnamon latte, but did also say Lyon Street Café is working on creating a signature drink using Bourbon Barelled Bliss Maple Syrup in a latte. 

With no real grocery stores or existing coffee shops in the immediate area, Chamelly says what she and her father are doing with Lyon Street Café, as well as Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Baking Co., is providing the community with something that otherwise would be missing. 

"I definitely think that all of our businesses provide a space where people can come and shop local," she says. "…We've got groceries, we've got wine, beer, pastries, bread, pizza and now coffee, as well, so I think we're covering a lot of bases. There's no immediate grocery stores or anything like that near Lyon Street, so we're just providing something for the community and I like to think that it's a good place to come. People are friendly and if you can't find what you need, then we'll find it for you."

Check out Lyon Street's Facebook page for more information. 

By Anya Zentmeyer, Development News Editor
Images Courtesy of Carter Brown 
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