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Pushing us past the ordinary: Five chefs who are changing the way we eat in Grand Rapids

From serving dishes in top-secret dining spots to carefully crafting globally-inspired meals with local ingredients, these Grand Rapids chefs are changing what we eat and how we eat it. They are redefining the traditional dining space and pushing us to think past the ordinary.

David Myers of Michigan Virtual University.

Five facts parents should know about online learning

Many misconceptions surround online and blended learning for high school students, leading to confusion and misinformation. Michigan Virtual University shares five facts for a better understanding of what to expect with online courses.


An apple a day is the new Burton way: How students of color are gaining access to the tech sector

Jobs in the tech industry have been growing exponentially over the past two decades. Despite the availability of jobs in this sector, it continues to fail at employing people of color. Teachers and creatives in Grand Rapids are making efforts to ensure the younger generation gains access to these spaces and are dramatically transforming what the industry will look like.


RapidChat: Sara Visser on blogging in Beer City, what it takes to be a successful writer & more

Inspired by the colorful fashion and delectable food that surrounded her, Sara Visser first got her start blogging while living in the windy city of Chicago. After realizing the influence her personal brand had on her community, and the networking opportunities that came along with so-called "hobby," she carried this passion of hers back to her home state of Michigan with The GR Guide.


The evolution of online learning in policy and the classroom

The online learning landscape has changed substantially over the past decade, when Michigan became the first state in the nation to require students to have an online learning experience before graduating from high school. Here, we explore how online learning has evolved over the last 10 years, from the way classrooms work to what it means to 'go' to school.


UIX: To Birgit Klohs and team, West Michigan is The Right Place for manufacturing

West Michigan may be the right place for manufacturing, but it's The Right Place, and the economic development organization's CEO, Birgit Klohs, that are helping the industry grow.


Changing the Michigan food world one potato at a time

How food reaches your table has become a growing concern for many, and for many reasons. While the corner grocery store or supermarkets have been the most popular choices for consumers in past decades, food hubs are becoming a fast-growing alternative. 


Michigan Dune Alliance helps protect state's iconic sand dunes from invasive species

Michigan's iconic sand dunes are being threatened by invasive species. Journalist Mark Wedel finds out how a group of conservation organizations are joining forces to weed out the invaders.


Lazy is the new smart: How millennial entrepreneurs are shaping a generation

Millennials are the nation's largest living generation, and despite their bad rap, the 'millipreneurs' of Grand Rapids are shattering the ever-popular stereotype of the lazy and entitled millennial.

Geeking out: Thousands of fans proudly prove Grand Rapids Comic Con's star power

The Grand Rapids Comic Con is growing by leaps and bounds, this year drawing close to 30,000 visitors to the convention that is wonderfully proving 'geek' culture is for everyone.

Samantha Orozco

In underserved communities, providers tackle barriers to health care through empowerment & advocacy

Faced by systems of oppression, many residents of Burton Heights are denied access to affordable health care resources due to lack of documentation, employment and availability of services. To address this, health care workers are giving their all to providing options for residents in marginalized areas.

RapidChat: John Helmholdt of Grand Rapids Public Schools

For much of recent history,  the public education system has gone relatively unchanged. John Helmholdt, Executive Director of Communications and External Affairs at Grand Rapids Public Schools, explains why this is such a big deal for the city's education system, as well as why, nationwide, this has lead an increasing number of schools to take on much more innovative approaches.  


Opening our arms: Embracing refugees makes Grand Rapids a stronger city

West Michigan is home to some 25,000 refugees. Susan Kragt, the Executive Director of the West Michigan Refugee Education and Cultural Center, explains why we must do a better job about seeking these voices out as we discuss the development of our economy, our schools, and our neighborhoods. When we do, Grand Rapids will become an even better place to live.


Building a future with two wheels: Nonprofit seeks to change children's lives with bikes

With an aim to better children's lives by teaching them useful skills—both mechanical and social—Open Roads provides a variety of after-school programs. Through simply building bikes, these students are taking steps towards a successful future.


The Spoke Folks: Tackling racism, sexism and classism in Grand Rapids

For The Spoke Folks, the Grand Rapids nonprofit is about far more than bicycles. It's about treating all people with dignity and respect.
2187 Articles | Page: | Show All
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