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The strength of South Division: Working class forms the avenue's backbone

Despite being responsible for the success of the businesses along South Division, the working class is faced with little room to advocate for financial freedom and equitable access to opportunities. 


Wizards of the digital age: West Michigan tech leaders change the world with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is pushing the boundaries of technology, and West Michigan leaders have keen insights on a frontier that is revolutionizing the way the world interacts.

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Making herstory: The women who are changing the dynamics of West Michigan politics

The women leading West Michigan's cities are making history — or, rather, herstory — by breaking down barriers and charting new courses for politics in our area. As Americans face an increasingly polarized nation, these leaders are unifying residents and building strong communities.


UIX: Brave Grand Rapids is building foundations for mental health

Allison Waldron and Brave Grand Rapids are working to bring mental health out of the darkness of stigma and promote a foundation of wellness in area youth.

Raul Alvarez

With innovation and creativity, South Division food entrepreneurs carve out space for dreams

As entrepreneurs of color are faced with barriers to opportunities, they are finding non-traditional ways of building their businesses and the local economy.

Dégagé Ministries Executive Director Marge Palmerlee

Dégagé Ministries' Marge Palmerlee on homelessness in GR, the greatness of Heartside & more

Dégagé Ministries Executive Director talks to Rapid Growth about supporting homeless individuals in Grand Rapids, why Heartside is already great, how to bridge the divide that can exist between businesses and social service agencies on South Division, and more.

Hippie Modernism

G-Sync: The counterculture effect and embracing hippie ideals in Grand Rapids

A recent visit to the "Hippie Modernism" exhibition at Cranbrook Art Museum has Rapid Growth's Tommy Allen considering the role of the counterculture on the future of Grand Rapids — and all of society.

The 1310 Bandits Film Group

Immersive 'idea lab' celebrates artists as community leaders

Artspace's annual Breaking Ground event evolves this year from one dynamic evening of speakers and performances to an immersive, two-day "idea lab" on Friday, October 14 and Saturday, October 15.

Latesha Lipscomb

RapidChat: Latesha Lipscomb

As someone who has always been about both beauty and brains,  I GOT FACE Cosmetic Concierge business owner Latesha Lipscomb spends her days doing everything from talking conflict resolution and restorative justice to picking out the perfect peonies for an event — and everything in between.


A breath of fresh air: City of Grand Rapids aims to reconnect children with nature

Grand Rapids has a message for its children: Time to turn the television off. These days, the city is set on giving its younger residents plenty of reasons to abandon the TV. With a renewed focus on parks, outdoor learning labs and playgrounds, the city and its leaders aim to be at the cutting edge of reuniting children with the great outdoors.

Sustainable Business

Civic-minded companies: Grand Rapids businesses focus on hiring veterans, restoring history & more

While mistrust of business seems to be growing at a national level, there's a different story playing out in West Michigan. Building on a long tradition of public-private partnerships, companies here are increasingly involved in the community, doing everything from providing training and employment to individuals recently released from prison to quietly leading the restoration and celebration of  Frank Lloyd Wright's Meyer May House — and a whole lot more.

Saúl Ulloa

We are not a failing school: Understanding standardized testing & the language divide at Burton

Burton Elementary has a long history of success and is further banding together with the community to support students and their families. These efforts, however, are being jeopardized by the state's emphasis on standardized testing practices that unfairly penalize schools serving primarily English language learner communities, writes Saúl Ulloa, an alumnus of Burton and a longtime resident of the Burton Heights and Garfield Park area.


UIX: Local industries grow together in Brewer's Grove

The Brewer's Grove, a group effort between local brewers and the Friends of GR Parks, celebrates two of Grand Rapids' most unique titles, Tree City and Beer City USA.

Becky Vandenbout

Don't let them call you sweetheart: Women entrepreneurs break the glass ceiling in West Michigan

These West Michigan  women are kicking butt and taking names. As business owners and entrepreneurs in male-dominated fields, they're proving there's no glass ceiling that can't be shattered.

Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities Teen Leaders in the Arts participants

Leading through the arts: Teens in GR and across the state transform Michigan's creative landscape

When it comes to incorporating the voices of youth in arts programming, Michigan is leading the way. Teens in Grand Rapids, Detroit and Ann Arbor are bringing a fresh perspective to cultural realms across the state, from addressing racism and police brutality through the arts to running an indie record label and a whole lot more.
2007 Articles | Page: | Show All
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