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North Monroe

Neighborhoods of GR: Making Monroe North a riverside destination

Capitalization on the River, a continued focus on encouraging mixed-use developments, and promoting urban densities. These are the key elements attracting visitors, residents, and businesses to the Monroe North neighborhood.


G-Sync: The rent is too damn high - for now?

When Publisher Tommy Allen tackles the topic of rental rates, he discovers that while construction for new units are justifiably higher due to building costs, some landlords are unreasonably raising their rates, contributing to the housing stress in Grand Rapids. 


Status of the sharing economy: Airbnb celebrates one year of homesharing in Grand Rapids

It's here, it's on the rise, and even Hillary has an opinion on it. It's the sharing economy, and it's changing the way people commute to work, stay in new cities, and grab a ride home from the bar. Wonder about the state of the sharing economy in West Michigan? Read on this week for a look at how Airbnb is faring in Grand Rapids in the second of a three-part Rapid Growth series.


Do Good: Servants Center helps mentally ill homeless get off and stay off the streets

With budget reductions in state and federal programs that support vulnerable families, it's difficult for low-income and homeless residents to access the mental health care they need. Victoria Mullen reports on Servants Center, one local organization that helps those struggling with mental health issues get vital treatment.

Jesica Vail, program manager at Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness (GRACEH).

Do Good: GRACEH works to make Vision to End Homelessness a reality

Ten years ago, the city of Grand Rapids and the Kent County Board of Commissioners – with research and input from area agencies, churches, and individuals – created the “Vision to End Homelessness,” with the goal being to end homelessness by the close of 2014. Funded and supported by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Dyer-Ives Foundation, Steelcase Foundation, and HUD, the project is massive and ongoing.


Do Good: Putting a face on local homelessness

Homeless folks face social disadvantages that go far beyond the lack of a safe and suitable home. They have reduced access to private and public services, as well as limited access to vital necessities such as healthcare and dental services. They are often seen as unsuitable for employment, and their travel options are few. In part three of an ongoing series, Do Good profiles one local man whose life has been affected by these issues, and finds out where to go from here.


Do Good: And they all lived together in a little crooked house* (Part II)

What is homelessness, what are its causes, and who does it affect? Homelessness in Grand Rapids is a microcosm of what is happening at the federal level. The second part of a Rapid Growth series takes a look at the history of homelessness in the United States from the 1800s to the present day and gives some sobering statistics on how this national issue affects West Michigan here and now.


G-Sync: The Getaway! (a romantic urban adventure)

Events happen a lot in Grand Rapids these days, but sometimes, as Tommy Allen discovered, you can easily create a fast and comical getaway that is totally your own downtown experience. 


G-Sync: Let's Spend The Night Together

ArtPrize has taken over downtown and now we have to put our guests somewhere. G-Sync's Tommy Allen muses on a very near future where our city's karma bill comes due. 


Serving Up Some Food Blogs

Even though its the second largest population center in Michigan, metro Grand Rapids is surrounding by farms that grow everything from blueberries to turkeys. So it only stands to reason that the city folk would blog about what the country folk do.


Local Markets and Global Flavor

Smaller, specialized shops are sprouting up around metro Grand Rapids to cater to the tastes of immigrants who have made their homes here, selling foodstuffs as varied as live crawdads to bulghur. The winners: area cooks who want to experiment with new cuisines.

Spontaneous Productions

A very strange thing happened at the Eighth Street Marketplace in Holland on Saturday when about 50 people all simultaneously froze in their tracks for several minutes -- Something Was Taking Place. Become part of the creativity cult tonight at the Park Theatre...

Art Without Borders

The world of Hugo Claudin consists of luchadores -- Mexican wrestlers -- captured on canvas in vivid colors, but it also has a more contemplative side

Bloody Sunday

It's the best kind of brunch. Watering holes citywide have turned Sunday into Bloody Mary day.  
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