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The brightest lights in West Michigan's entertainment scene are at a national level

Whether it's an acoustic street side gig at Rosa Parks Circle, a sold-out club show at 20 Monroe Live, a DeVos Performance Hall production, or even a movie in the park, the artists provide the music and emotion but technology amplifies the experience.

Edye Evans Hyde

Power of truth: Ebony Road Players provides safe space to explore race, identity & ignored histories

The Ebony Road Players and its executive director, Edye Evans Hyde, are pushing the community forward with theater, prompting people to listen, really listen, to stories of racism and injustice that they may not have otherwise known. Or wanted to hear.


From coffee and cosplay to food trucks and film: Reasons to love Grand Rapids in 2017

Internationally acclaimed filmmakers. Embracing our immigrant communities. An ever-growing music scene. Happiness in a cup (seriously). There are more reasons than ever to love, and explore, Grand Rapids in 2017.


As arts writers disappear, Grand Rapids organizations band together to connect with audiences

The steady extinction of full-time arts reporters has left arts organizations in a quandary over how to make up for lost coverage. One local “supergroup” of marketing professionals is working to come up with solutions, but quick fixes don't come easy.


13 reasons why you can have the best Grand Rapids winter ever

From beer to ice skating, comedy, drama and politics, you'll find something that suits your fancy this winter in Grand Rapids.


G-Sync: Hey. Everyone Is VGL, HMU Now

Last month's "Perception vs Reality" piece by Kara McNabb showcased the dating scene of West Michigan. Now a former Grand Rapids resident's new play based on his online dating experiences arrives for Lake Effect Fringe Festival. G-Sync's Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen hooks up with VGL, 5'4 Top's creator Lucas Brooks.


G-Sync: Most Controversial Beginnings Can Grow Into Cultural Gold

Over the next couple weeks local media outlets will be transformed into giant arts publications, but G-Sync’s Tommy Allen hits pause, asking that we don’t forget to focus on the fringe.

GS Hedwig

G-Sync: A (not so) Quiet Theatrical Revolution

The trick to being on the forefront of a revolution is to be aware and to listen. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen dons his parka and heads to the wintry hills of the suburbs to see a theatrical revolution in the making.

GSync List

G-Sync: And The Winner Is...

In a season of awards, some winners are a natural, and others are truly heaven sent. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen explores the newly released Creative State Michigan report from ArtServe Michigan that's pure gold.

Cangue League

Inspired Insanity of the Absurd

For the past two years, Cangue League has been mesmerizing audiences with their unique blend of absurdist theater and avant-garde experimental jazz. Cangue League will celebrate their repertoire this March at the Dog Story Theater Lake Effect Fringe Festival.


G-Sync: I Sing the Body Volunteer (For Rikk)

As people raced from event to event last week, a dear member of the arts community left us, yet his touch will never be lost because of what lives on. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen crosses the calm sea in this lovely tribute to volunteers of our region.


Fubble Entertainment Captivates Audiences

Back from LA for only a week, Teresa Thome and Patrick Ziegler won an Eclipse award for their web series, Backstage Drama. They’ve been asked to be judges for the daytime Emmy Awards in LA. What is the secret to their success?


Nobody Gets Us

Madonna, the Kardashians, Governor Snyder, and Kevin Spacey are somehow all mentioned in the same conversation and pens fly as lines are edited, scenes are blocked and prop ideas are bandied about. Though it might sound like the writers’ room at Saturday Night Live, the group is West Michigan’s newest comedy troupe, Nobody Gets Us...


G-Sync: What The Fubble!

Each week our Lifestyle Editor, Tommy Allen, looks around for signs on the street for innovative new happenings. This week, he stumbles on a Fubble that is really sustaining the grand in our region.
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