Ape: Hero of cinema world is local indie darling

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 8 p.m.
Local actor and singer/songwriter Joshua Burge's face is being plastered all over buildings -- and soon the big screen -- in celebration of his role in director Joel Potrykus' third Grand Rapids-set animal film trilogy "Buzzard," which is coming to American theaters on March 6.
But before the national release, on Mar. 4 you will have another great opportunity to see the second film in the trilogy, "Ape," at UICA.
In the first short film, “Coyote,” Burge is a nervous werewolf ranting about howling at the sun like the junkie that he is. Pretty tame stuff compared to the weirdness of "Ape," which became a prize-winning darling at the Locarno Film Festival in Spain (2102).   
In “Ape,” Burge is back to his weirdness as a standup comedian with pyromaniac tendencies (think of LaughFest on Acid with ease of access to flame) who crafts a deal with the little red man (the devil). And if we know anything about the devil, he never plays fair.
So this is a great time to see "Ape" and meet a few members of the production (except Burge, who is ensconced in Canada working on a new film by Academy Award-winning director Alejandro González Iñárritu for "Birdman.") 
Immediately after, attendees are encouraged to attend a Q&A with producers Mike Saunders and Kevin Clancy.
"Buzzard" is released March 6 in theaters around the country.
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