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WYCE Bubble Bash: Tiny bubbles and community supported radio at H.O.M.E.

The holidays are here and soon you will most likely be in a position where having to produce a bottle of bubbly could make or break your party. I mean, we can all be forgiven for putting out the Andre, but you were probably 22 then, too … so age up, please.

Lucky for you, you can do some good while also learning a bit about champagne and sparkling wines. And yes, Virginia, there is a difference. 

Hosted by the Gilmore Collection's H.O.M.E. (House of Music & Entertainment), the 19th annual WYCE Bubble Bash is a fitting way to learn what sparkling beverages you should consider serving this holiday season as your admission helps support our Community Media Center’s WYCE — a listener-supported radio station that provides a valuable outlet for so many of our local musicals. 

With each admission fee paid, a portion of your $25 cost is donated to the popular local radio station. The best part is that admission to this event includes a chance to sample 12 varieties of sparkling wines, plus dive into the delicious spread that the Gilmores will be cooking up for you at H.O.M.E.

You have a lot of choices to consider this holiday season, but if you are asked to bring the bubbles and you freeze … then get to the Bubble Bash and support our local community radio station. Note: Cash or check at the door. No advance ticket options.
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