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2018 César E. Chávez Social Justice March and Community Gathering

More times than not, our childhood experiences will often inform who we become as adults. When looking back at the life of César E. Chávez, it is easy to see how his life on his family’s farm tending to the land as well as the animals would inform his steps as he grew into the man we celebrate today. 

Chávez’s path from childhood would take him to service in the Navy, but also to a role as a community organizer where he would go on to found the National Farm Worker Association. His work aimed to improve the working conditions of America’s farm workers which included African Americans, Filipinos, white Americans, Mexican Americans, and Mexicans. 

When the growers and farmers refused to provide access to fresh water to drink, bathrooms in the fields, and fair pay for a day’s work, Chávez led the farm workers through years of nonviolent actions, much like Martin Luther King, Jr. did before him, resulting in a victorious moment in history.

On Thursday our community will host an annual march to honor the life and legacy of civil rights hero César E. Chávez.

In an era of massive divisions in our nation, it is nice to know that there are still areas of our society like this community-centered celebration/march where others are advocating for greater understanding of another’s path in this world. 

The event begins at 11:00 a.m. at the Cook Library on Grandville Ave. SW and will progress to Chicago Ave’s The Potter's House Chapel for a community gathering. (There is also a 1 p.m. unity luncheon but you need to pre-register in advance for this paid function. You can see this offer at the GVSU website. ) gvsu.edu/inclusion/2018unityluncheon

If you are going to march, the organizers have a few points to help guide one in the task. If you want to make signs, please keep the messages related to social justice and the life and legacy of César E Chávez. They also ask that you consider using the organizational colors of the host: red and black. In addition, feel free to bring your home country flags, as well as school or organization banners. Absolutely no political candidate signs will be permitted according to organizers. 

Even if you do not march, these types of events really help educate our community in helping to tear down divisions as they open us up to the lives of others in our city. 
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