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Capitalizing On Medical Cannabis: Leveling the playing field

It is no secret that the passage of Prop 1 legalizing recreational cannabis in November 2018 started a movement to revolutionize our state in so many ways, from growth to distribution, as well as in so many other emerging services. 

Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses (GRABB) is not waiting around, nor willing to sit idly by as a new industry sets up shop in our state, and will be offering a special class to assist showcasing how area Black entrepreneurs and Black businesses can begin to participate in this emerging multi-billion dollar industry.

We know that since Prop 1's passage the medical side of the industry (voter approved in 2008) is rapidly deploying in cities. Many of these cities, including Grand Rapids, were waiting to see how the recreational ballot measure would fare before advancing any formal policy changes. 

Within this emerging field comes opportunities for innovation to flourish in our state in ways never before experienced. It is rare that an entirely new industry sets up shop this quickly, and in doing so, will usher in unique spaces for folks to intersect as well as benefit economically from it.

But often when we look at the playing field and rules therein, it is easy to get a bit down when you consider how the system approved has set a high bar in many parts of the emerging industry. 

These rules of entry, often daunting for many small business folks or community entrepreneurs to navigate, can feel unwelcoming of them or the creative mindset that the industry needs to have emerge from these sectors of business innovation and thought.

GRABB seeks to address these matters at this special one-night event and how those who are seeking to serve the medical side of the industry can begin to enact on their plans. 

Space is extremely limited so please do not delay to register in advance at this link. Note: If it does sell out (and it will), it is our wish that GRABB and other entrepreneurial groups will step up to add more opportunities for others seeking information on accessing the industry.  

GRABB is an Economic and Business Development enterprise that seeks to foster a thriving economy where prosperity and revitalization of our predominantly Black neighborhoods is truly a possibility. Their focus harnesses the four forms of capital (relational, social, intellectual, and financial) and seeks to create value for Black businesses. GRABB is empowering our region to visualize the future and create a path to a better tomorrow.
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