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Know Your Muslim Neighbor Open House

Last October, the Grand Rapids Islamic Masjid and Religious Institute on the city’s south side welcomed the public to their second open house. Having missed the first one, Rapid Growth’s Tommy Allen made sure to catch the fall event and boy, was he impressed by the level of openness as well as education built into this community-building event. 

On Saturday the institute re-opens their doors for another event they are call “Know Your Muslim Neighbor.”

As we the case last fall, the Islamic membership enthusiastically welcomes the community to bring family and friends members to their East Paris Ave. masjid (Arabic for mosque) for a chance to learn more about the world’s largest religion.

No, this is not a veiled attempt to convert anyone, but is a wonderful way for a religious group and community to reach out to help educate our city’s curious to better understand them.

As was the case last fall, on this tour you’ll visit the Prayer Hall, learn about the Quran, try on a Hijab, and even learn how to write your name in Arabic. 

While at the masjid, you can also get a henna tattoo or try one of the many foods and drinks from the Muslim nations represented at this event. (In fact, if you like something you tried, then we insist that you visit the East Paris Ave. Super Green Market just North of the masjid for some delicious gastronomic treats.)

Just a quick note from the hosts who ask that people wear modest clothing when you attending. All attendees are asked to wear long sleeves, modest long pants, and women attending the tour will be asked to cover their hair when on the main level of the prayer hall. Shoes are also removed on the main level but they have plenty of space to check your shoes.

According to the Islamic Mosque and Religious Institute website, they seek to draw its guidance from the Noble Qur'an and the Sunah. They are dedicated to the advancement of Muslims and society at large. They serve the ethnically diverse Muslim community within the West Michigan region.

So if you seeking a wonderfully structured learning experience from a member of our faith community, please consider RSVP’ing on their Facebook event page
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