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The Grand New Swing Dance Year: Add learning to swing to your NY's resolutions

Many folks love New Year’s Day for the laziness often built into it.

For starters, you always have plenty of football games to choose from and the day is often enjoyed under a cozy blanket while in your best loungewear as you dive into a healthy start of your new year’s diet or resolution.

But what about those who are not into sports or lounging around, but would like to start on a different foot this year?

Lucky for us, you can put your best foot forward with the Grand Rapids Original Swing Society (or GROSS) as they start their nearly weekly 2019 gatherings with its kick-off The Grand New Swing Dance Year event at DeVos Place on Tuesday, January 1 at 7 p.m.

This much-beloved event that makes its way around town via the various indoor venues during the cold months and later outside during the warmer season, is a welcoming event for all ages and abilities. 

In fact, at 7 p.m. the organizers spend time teaching folks some steps to teach who have never danced before to swing music a step or two. 

But even if swing is not your thing, it is always fun to just dance with a room full of other community members of all abilities. 

GROSS invites folks to even dress up a bit to get into the mood, but it is not necessary to enter the fun. Be prepared to also be wowed, as I have been over the years, by some of the dancers who are downright amazing. If this is like their other past events, expect a sizable crowd.   

Guests can purchase tickets for $12 online in advance or drop $15 at the door. If you would like to see the first part of the 2019 dance season’s locations, please visit GROSS’ website.
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