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Pop Scholars Improv Comedy: Last stop before the holiday tears begin

There is a kernel of truth in all the images and memes related to one’s trip home for the holidays. In fact, a whole sub-genre has emerged under holiday films just devoted to this emotionally-driven topic. Jodie Foster even made a film about the awkwardness of it with “Home for the Holidays.”

Before you start you holiday descent (or ascent, depending on your station in life), the Pop Scholars show at Wealthy Theatre presents an opportunity to get your gut-busting laughs out before they awkwardly erupt when Aunt Wanda over dinner gets drunk and starts talking about the problems with … (fill in the blank). And we all have an "Aunt Wanda" in our lives. 

Pop Scholars is a local four-man improv comedy team that formed in 2009 and has been keeping us laughing for a long time now. They have been performing most of the time lately at Wealthy Theatre, which is a beautiful gem of a space in the East Hills/Baxter Neighborhood.

What really sets these chaps apart is how incredibly smart they are at their rapid-fire delivery. They are never boring because these guys are SMART and can drop lines that will leave you howling in your seats.

Don’t miss this chance to grab their act live, since this is Pop Scholars' final show of the year. Read more about the act here at their site.
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