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Screenwriting Workshop: Committing your story to paper

We are a region rich with folks making all sort of waves within our social spaces with the tiny works of video they produce to showcase a story or quick message. 

But what about those local creatives who wish to use their keyboard skills to create a story that could become the next “Moonlight,” “Moonraker,” or “Moonstruck?”

Lucky for those of us seeking such a way to release our inner story idea, this weekend there is a workshop on screenwriting that is also a benefit for our local Write616.

This Screenwriting Workshop is a fundraising event hosted by Grand Rapids’ Emmy-winning producer and accomplished screenwriter Teresa Thome, who has not only created some incredible programming including the much-lauded children’s television show “Come On Over,” but has also created the heartfelt and funny one-woman show, “Warm Cheese.”

This two-day workshop will cover the basics of screenwriting for film, television, and the web, and also showcase how one can register their script and how to pitch. The goal of this event is for the aspiring or seasoned writer to walk away with an outline started to help get you on the road to birthing your creative child for the world to see. 

If you have been waiting for a scriptwriting event to be held here in our city, this is a great one to consider attending this week.
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