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Soul Clap & Dance Off with DJ Jonathan Toubin: Getting your sweat on downtown this Saturday

Fresh from performing in Bushwick, NY on Friday, comes DJ act Soul Club to Grand Rapids this Saturday night for what promises to be the biggest dance party to invade the city this year at The Pyramid Scheme. 

Billed as Soul Clap & Dance Off because of DJ Jonathan Toubin’s contribution of his massive collection of 45s that are made up of 50s/60s rock’n’roll, soul, r+b, and Motown, this night’s event promises to be a beautiful and fun deep dive into early dance music culture. 

The night will also feature special appearances from Hollywood Makeout and Grand Rapids Soul Club, as well as chance to compete in a dance off where the winner will be awarded $100. 

And while the Wall Street Journal may not motivate folks concerned about nightlife activities, this quote really sums up what to expect from this night: “The long-running Soul Clap remains one of the sweatiest dance parties to be experienced in New York City. Fueled by his rare and raucous 45s collection, DJ Jonathan Toubin draws on raw soul and the most feral strains of rock ‘n’ roll from the early 1960s to power the nights.” (Wall Street Journal, 2014)
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