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Grand Rapids-based I.T. consulting firm adds two new positions, looks to fill more

The local I.T. firm i3 Business Solutions has added two new members to its team.

Joining the firm to provide finance and accounting support is Jennifer Reed, a recent business school graduate of G.V.S.U. Also joining the firm on a part-time basis is Sue Pastunink, who will perform a wide variety of functions, including payroll administration, human resources and benefits management, banking, and accounts payable.

Telly LaForest, project lead at i3 Business Solutions, says the new hires reflect continued growth for the firm. LaForest specifically cites a 40 percent growth over two years in their company's Reliability Managed Service Program as one the keys to the overall growth at i3. "Firms can use this service to pro-actively reduce risk. It's also fixed pricing so businesses won't pay more than budgeted," says LaForest.

i3 Business Solutions is also looking to fill two support center positions: Support Center Technician, Level II and Support Center Technician, Level III. For full job descriptions and information on how to apply, you can click here. 

To learn more about i3Business Solutions you can visit their site here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor

Grand Rapids startup is a beacon for digital media

GeLo is a Grand Rapids-based startup that wants to transform how organizations communicate with people both indoor and outdoors.

Traditionally, some organizations  have used printed signs or an embedded multimedia presentation that need costly hardware to communicate specific information about a physical display, product or site.

GeLo uses beacons (low-cost, battery-powered pieces of hardware small enough to attach to walls), a cloud platform, and mobile apps to augment the nearby physical world with digital, multimedia content delivered directly to a smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth signal.

Potential customers include zoos, museums, transit centers, retailers, expos, trade shows and park systems.

The firm was established two and half years ago by Chris Byrne. It now has a team of six and is located in the GR Makers space at 401 Hall SW.

Al Juarez, vice president of sales and marketing, outlines the development process for GeLo and identifies next steps: "Our major milestone came in November with our official launch of our product on a Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) sponsored webinar."

Juarez says in January, the GeLo team then made a decision to focus its efforts on two markets: the "white label beacon market" and the museum market. "The white label beacon product satisfied customers who may have their own  platform and are seeking beacon hardware," says Juarez. "We've begun selling beacons for applications ranging from industrial settings to bars/restaurants to the L.A. Zoo. For the museum market, we are creating an end-to-end solution capped off with a beautiful mobile app called GeLo Spaces."

Spaces initially will help museums to create a branded digital experience exclusive to their organization, but Juarez says the app will open the door to many other markets. "Although we are beginning with museums, GeLo Spaces is a versatile mobile app which has applications anywhere indoor location services augmented experiences can be created," he says.

To learn more about GeLo you can visit their site here. Juarez says the firm does anticipate hiring more staff in 2014 as they add new customers.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor

LEED architect launches Natura Architectural Consulting, seeks two building systems analysts

LEED-certified architect and green building consultant Nate Gillette heard opportunity loud and clear when it knocked. After a recent reorganization within the company he worked for, PM Environmental, Gillette, a veteran architect and green building expert, decided it was time to launch his own company, Natura Architectural Consulting.

Natura Architectural Consulting is at 949 Wealthy St. SE, next door to Bazzani Associates, where Gillette was a LEED architect for five years. Right now, all of Natura's projects are outside the state, with "more projects going on in L.A. than in the Midwest," Gillette says.

Natura has two full-time employees, and Gillette says he is ready to hire two building systems analysts "last week."

"The main buckets of work that we are involved in are energy and sustainability consulting, doing energy audits of commercial buildings, energy management work, and working on LEED and green building projects where we can either consult from the planning phase and work with the architects, or can document the entire process," Gillette says.

The company also handles due diligence for lenders or mortgage originators who need to determine potential future repairs of a building's systems over the life of a loan. Gillette says he's working with a lot of specialized multi-family projects involving HUD properties and low-income housing developers that need to acquire and renovate buildings to green standards.  

Candidates for the building systems analyst positions would have backgrounds in understanding building systems -- such as facilities management experience or an architect -- with strong technical writing abilities.

"We have to do the field work, take photos, analyze the condition of the systems, take the data we've written in the field and create a report for the client," Gillette says. "We need people that are able to do the field analysis, and ideally, write the technical report. Flexibility is the key in all of this. We need someone with the ability to travel a little bit without being landlocked at home."

To apply, send a resume, cover letter, and a technical writing sample to info@naturaconsultingllc.com.

Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor

GAIN Capital hiring for their Grand Rapids office

A quick perusal of job boards only highlights what is now fairly obvious for anyone following the job market: It's a good time to be an I.T. professional.

GAIN Capital, a global provider of online trading services, has announced several job openings for their Grand Rapids office, all within their I.T. department. 

According to Lisa Beison, PHR, human resources manager, the firm has several openings, including TSC Systems Analyst, Software Engineer, Windows Systems Engineer, Salesforce Development Manager and a Linux Engineer.

GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GCAP) is a global provider of online trading services, specializing in foreign exchange and contracts for difference (CFDs). GAIN Capital operates FOREX.com¬Æ,  and is headquartered in Bedminster, NJ with offices in New York, Michigan, Illinois, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and Seoul.

Beison says they look for individuals who enjoy a "fast-paced and challenging" work environment. She says their firm offers very competitive compensation package plus a career path within their company that includes significant international opportunities.

To view the open positions and learn more about GAIN Capital, you can click here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor

New Grand Rapids startup is for the dogs

Jenn Gavin is the dog-loving entrepreneur behind one of Grand Rapids' newest urban startups: A Pleasant Dog.

Gavin's business is focused on providing training and a variety of other services in downtown Grand Rapids for dogs and their owners. She has been training dogs for over 20 years before deciding to open her business.  "I think there is a real need downtown and have been thinking about it for awhile," says Gavin. "I'm known as the crazy dog lady. People call me with dog problems all the time and it never occurred I could make it my job."

A Pleasant Dog features services specifically for dog owners in the city, where the unique environment -- smaller yards, traffic, busy neighborhoods -- can make owning and caring for a dog difficult. "There is a challenge in having dogs in neighborhoods and cities that have high population densities. It can be hard to get dogs out for exercise," Gavin says.

Besides basic training services, Gavin has several other services that can help urban dog owners (and would-be dog owners). "I offer pet sitting services as well. I'm most proud of a free matching service I offer, in which I pair clients interested in adopting a new dog with shelter or rescue dogs in the area. I also do free behavioral evaluations for rescue organizations."

Gavin credits Christine Grove Williams of Christine's K9 Service as being her mentor when it comes to training, but also says she has been a dog lover all her life.

Always eager to share her passion for dogs, Gavin has several tips for city-living dog owners: "First, please don't leave your dog unattended on a tie-out or chain. This is unsafe for the dog, who risks injury through accident or attack from another animal.   Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise every day, if you can. The old adage 'a tired dog is a good dog' is true. Be informed when using dog parks. They can be great tools to tire your dog out, but careful supervision is needed. Carry a couple of treats with you in your pocket. Whether you have a dog or not, should you ever find a stray or unattended dog, treats can be a great help.

And for potential dog  owners, she has one last piece of advice. "Finally, if you are in the market for a new dog, please consider adopting a rescued dog. There are breed-specific rescues if you are looking for a specific breed. A Pleasant Dog can help you in your search!"

To learn more about A Pleasant Dog, you can view their site here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor

The Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition is growing - and hiring.

More bikers. More bike lanes. More work to be done. 

"Demand for GGRBC's advocacy and services keeps growing," says Executive Director Tom Tilma. "Business and government are seeing the benefits of an appealing, active community that provides options for getting around. I've been serving as executive director since June of last year and we've been getting things done with help from our wonderful interns, board members, and volunteers, but our board determined additional staff would provide consistency and help us accelerate our response to new opportunities." 

The new position, Development Coordinator, will be responsible for managing relationships between donors, members and volunteers within the GGRBC ecosystem plus help spread the GGBRC story beyond the existing constituency.

Tilma is very optimistic about the Grand Rapids bike scene. He notes that there is still a lot to be done when it comes to infrastructure but the numbers are all trending in the right direction. "The cycling culture in metro Grand Rapids is stronger than ever," Tilma says. "In 2012 Bicycling Magazine ranked the City of Grand Rapids the 41st best cycling city out of the 320 largest cities in the U.S." 

In terms of infrastructure, he says that there is still a need for more bike lanes, which play an important role in the community. "Bike lanes help connect neighborhoods to shopping, jobs, and the multi-use path system. In 2012 the Bicycle Coalition launched Room to Ride, our campaign for bike lanes on 100 miles of streets in the region by the end of 2015. We've been advising and assisting local governments with grants, planning, and engineering, and we're thrilled the metro bike lane total is now 43 miles in four cities."

Tilma acknowledges the inevitable growth pains as more cyclist, motorists, and transit riders learn to share the roads but says everything will work out over time. "There are good and bad cyclists and good and bad motorists, but we're getting better at sharing the road here. Drivers are accepting that cyclists are here to stay and realizing they now need to look for cyclists any time of the day or night, any time of the year. Infrastructure, education, and enforcement will keep the momentum going. This year the City of Grand Rapids will be starting a major share-the-road education campaign for motorists and cyclists. That's very encouraging, and we hope to be involved in some way in that exciting project," says Tilma.

To learn more about Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition you can view their site here.

Writer:  John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News editor

Get paid for having fun! John Ball Zoo aims to fill 60 seasonal positions

The seasonal hiring at John Ball Zoo has begun, with 30 to 60 seasonal, part-time positions still unfilled. Persons looking for active engagement with people, summertime zoo activities, and even jobs that include working with animals will find 16 different types of jobs spread over eight employment areas on the zoo's website.

The eight employment areas are food services, gift shop, experiences, admissions, business development, education, animal care, and education.

Specific positions include food concessions worker, gift shop supervisor, guest experiences facilitator, lead zoo interpreter, rental and event facilitator, trolley driver, zoo instructor aide, and more.

The concession and retail positions are perfect first jobs for teens ages 16 years and up, says Marketing Manager Krys Bylund. All other positions are open only for applicants 18 years and older.

"Having the seasonal workers is seriously vital," Bylund says. "We could not run the zoo without the support for our full-time people. We're putting through nearly half a million people, so you can imagine the amount of rubbish we have to dispose of, we need people to direct parking cars, we need educators to talk about the animals and to (enable the zoo to) have the interactive displays like the touchable stingrays and the feedable budgies."

Bylund says the number of John Ball Zoo employees more than doubles in the summer months.

To review the open jobs and to apply online, click here.

Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor

Hip hip hooray for hops

The rising tide of the craft beer industry has lifted many industries and the latest is one of the oldest industries in Michigan: agriculture.

The Right Place, along with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, statewide hop growers, and several regional partners, has established the Michigan Hop Network, a nonprofit association dedicated to improving and promoting Michigan's developing hop-growing market.

The membership-based network will provide a variety of services and support to its members and the Michigan hop industry, including educational programming, access to university research, marketing promotions and alignment with other organizations to advance the interest of Michigan hop growers and craft brewing.

One of the organizations leading the efforts is the Barry County Chamber & Economic Development Alliance. Valerie Byrnes, president, says the efforts were kicked off in 2011 and that the Michigan Hop Network can have significant impact on the continued growth of the craft beer industry. She says the network will help on several levels beyond advocacy, education, business planning and research: "It will be a combination of helping existing hobby growers to expand their work and existing farms to add hops. Regional agriculture is a key economic driver in West Michigan." 

Besides The Right Place and MEDC, Byrnes says other active members of the coalition include the Michigan State Extension Service and the MSU Product Center.

The organization's founding members have approved the association’s bylaws, elected a board of directors and officers, and filed paperwork with the State of Michigan for official nonprofit status. Jeff Steinman, Owner, Hop Head Farms, was elected as Board Chair, Michigan Hop Network.

Byrnes anticipates a marketing site to be ready shortly that will provide more information on the organization's services. In the meantime, anyone with questions about the network is encouraged to contact The Right Place at info@rightplace.org.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and News Editor

Grand Rapids photo editing firm grows business locally and globally

Many small businesses do not readily embrace globalization. In fact, some see globalization as a threat to their efforts. But Chris Palmer views it much differently. "PhotoUp is prime example of how globalization can have a real positive impact. It's globalization done the right way," he says.

Palmer is the CEO of PhotoUp, a web platform that brings together real estate photographers with professional photo editors. It was founded by Kristian Pettyjohn in 2012, with Palmer joining soon afterwards.

The firm's value proposition is two pronged: PhotoUp helps real estate photographers be more productive and efficient with their time, and it helps photo editors in emerging markets stay in their native country, earn a fair wage and continue their education.

From the perspective of a photographer, Palmer outlines the business dilemma: "A real estate photographer I talked to could not do (photograph and edit) more than four homes a day. He was stuck, tapped out at three to four homes a day. How do you grow your business that way?"

By using his firm's services, Palmer says a photographer can grow his or her business significantly by having someone else handling the editing, often times overnight.

Second, PhotoUp utilizes a team of professional creatives in the Philippines. Palmer describes his team of "Photoshop wizards" as being "high capacity, very creative, computer savvy." He says many of the employees in the Philippines are students and are paid market wages and take advantage of PhotoUp's employee benefit programs that provide resources to help build stronger communities and funding for ongoing education and training.

The decision to use the Philippines for a home base was partly the result of Palmer's direct experience of living and working in the country and his interest in using business as a tool for social enterprise. "Many students and professionals I met could not find good jobs in the Philippines but wanted to stay," says Palmer. He says many of these creative and talented individuals had to leave the country to find work, often in other industries not related to their career interests.

The PhotoUp team reflects its global mission. There are 20 employees in the Philippines, two in Grand Rapids (the company's headquarters) and two in other parts of the U.S. 

Confident that the demand for for higher quality, digital real estate photography will grow, Palmer says he anticipates hiring sales and customer service help in the summer of 2014.

To learn more about PhotoUp you can visit their site here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor

ELK Brewing's upcoming opening creates 12 jobs for bar manager, brewing assistant, wait staff

With beer brewing underway and construction of the bar in process, Grand Rapids' newest brewpub, ELK Brewing, is ready to hire key people to get the place ready for opening in April.

The brewpub will serve site-made beers brewed in a 100-gallon, three-barrel system. The renovation of a building at 700 Wealthy St. SE has been in process since fall 2011, but has hit some snags along the way. As of last week, brewing has begun and final interior construction, such as building the serving bar, is underway.

Eric Karns, who owns ELK Brewing with his wife Lisa Karns and partner Taylor Carroll, says filling the full-time bar manager position and brewing assistant are his first goals. After that, he aims to fill about 10 part-time wait staff jobs.

"Taylor and I don't have bar experience, we've never worked in bars, so we're looking for an experienced bar manager to step up and help us run our bar smoothly," says Eric Karns. "We want to be as successful as possible, and hiring the right people is how we think that will be accomplished."

Karns says he's hiring now for bar manager and brewing assistant. He'll hire wait staff in about three weeks.

"I want wait staff to know about craft beer, I want them to like it for one thing," Karns says. "You can't sell a product you don't like. I want them to know the differences between porters and stouts and IPAs, and want them to be able to explain it to somebody that drinks commercial brands."

Karns says the goal is to create a friendly, neighborhood watering hole that people can walk to, bike to, and drive to with ease. He wants staff who will create an atmosphere that patrons are attracted to, and that will make them want to hang around once they get there.

To apply for the positions, please visit ELK Brewing's Facebook page here.

Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor

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Innovative life science firm chooses Grand Rapids, looks to cut cost of using drugs

"All great things start from small beginnings" is a famous quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero. To some degree, that adage reflects the research being done by OcuSano, Inc., a new tenant of the emerging technologies incubator, GR Current.

Stanley Samuel, co-founder and CEO at OcuSano, Inc., recently moved his  team of three to Grand Rapids from Ann Arbor to take advantage of the services offered by GR Current and tap into the growing life science network.

His firm is a drug delivery company and is on a mission of making chronic disease treatments safer and affordable for patients. "Our initial target market is for posterior ocular drugs, particularly for Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (wet AMD). Wet AMD occurs in people 65+ years in age, affects 200,000 people in the U.S. and is projected to increase 250 percent by 2025," says Samuel.

Samuel says one important focus of their firm is on biological drugs (large molecules), a market that is less crowded than the traditional small molecule treatments: "Biologics are becoming increasingly important as therapeutic agents for cancer, auto-immune disorders, neurological disorders, diabetes, etc. This market is estimated to grow to $200 billion worldwide by 2015." He says his firm has developed an alternative to injection of these drugs, and instead has a liquid encapsulation process that is more effective and less invasive for patients.

Complexity, both in research and business modeling, is inherent with life science firms but Samuel explains a significant outcome of his research in very simple terms. "Our drug release technology makes efficient use of the injected drug by releasing it slowly in concentrations necessary for therapeutic efficacy," he says. "So a drug with our sustained release technology could last 2-3 times longer than the same concentration without any sustained release capability. This means the the number of injections could be cut by half or more, resulting in fewer side effects and the cost of drug use cut by 50 percent or more."

Samuel is very optimistic about his firm's future in Grand Rapids and anticipates hiring two employees in the near future. As for the importance of his work, he says, "healthcare and its associated costs affects every single person in this country. So our impact in the pharmaceutical space could affect individuals directly or indirectly, potentially lowering or mitigating the rise of premiums."

To learn more about OcuSano, Inc., you can visit their website here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor

Dan Vos Construction adds jobs, earns 2014 Contractor of the Year award

Dan Vos Construction Company is on the grow.  The West Michigan based construction firm has added two new jobs to it's team of 85 employees.

Elizabeth Nol  has joined the firm as office administrator. A graduate of Central Michigan University Nol brings over 5 years of relevant experience. In her new role, she will be responsible for managing the front desk, planning employee and community initiatives and assisting project-specific teams.

Jon Serba joins the firm as construction laborer. Serba has over 22 years of experience in the commercial/residential construction industry. Serba's past projects include the Meijer Heart Center, the Women's Resource Center, Jenison Public High School, and the River House Condominiums at Bridgewater,

Both Serba and Nol are joining a company that values it's reputation and hires very carefully. 

With it's corporate culture being focused on the "golden rule" Marcia Holt, Human Resource Manager, says the company can be a destination for individuals looking to work for a great company within the construction industry.  "Fit is very important. We care about people. "

Holt says the firm is a "merit shop" and offers many benefits such as company bonuses, awards , dinners and a profit sharing program.

The firm was recently announced as the 2014 Michigan Contractor of the Year which is awarded to a contractor who upholds an exceptional level of professionalism, ethics and partnership with Michigan's subcontracting community.

Although there are no current openings, Holt invites anyone to stop by their offices, fill out an application and to submit their resume.

Writer:  John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor.

Research, innovation, business growth part of Empirical Bioscience's DNA

Big things are bubbling to the surface at the life science and emerging technologies business incubator, GR Current. 

The latest news on one of their tenants is about Syzygy Biotech, a company that manufactures and markets its full line of reagents used by research facilities, universities, and diagnostic labs nationwide.

The news? Welcome Empirical Bioscience and goodbye, Syzygy Biotech. 

Looking to build on it's four years of growth the firm recently changed it's name to Empirical Bioscience, which company officials say better reflects it's mission and positions the firm for future growth.

Secondly, and perhaps more important than the name change,  is the election of Richard Leach, Ph.D., Vice President of Business Development at Complete Genomics Inc. and an expert in human genome sequencing, to its board of directors. 

Dr. Leach has extensive experience within the industry. His addition to the board  clearly positions the firm for a bigger role on the international stage.  He views the firm as being on the brink for tremendous growth.  "Empirical Bioscience designs and manufactures an assortment of high-grade molecular biology products that are used every day in labs across the nation. Because we are on the ground floor of this research and diagnostics work, we can see clearly where the biotech industry is headed. And one area that is exploding right now is genomic medicine, where we assess a person's risk for different diseases and offer preventative treatments."

Empirical Bioscience has quickly grown from a two-person startup to five full-time employees.  Dr. Leach says the firm, and in fact the entire industry is posied to add more specialized, highly paid jobs to the region. "I've lived in several cities on the East Coast, in California and even Iceland, and I think the metro Grand Rapids area holds remarkable potential for growing biotech companies like Empirical.  We have a pool of some really talented people who can build biotech as an industry here, and we have got some tremendous local resources such as the Van Andel Research Institute and the Michigan State Medical School."

To follow the progress of Empirical Bioscience you can visit their website here. 

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor

Made in Michigan. Innovative wellness concept designed and developed by Grand Haven inventor

"This is a movement from Grand Haven, Michigan that I am sending south" says   Brenda Kay Boterenbrood, certified personal trainer, entrepreneur and inventor of BeachFit.
The movement is literally about movement. BeachFit is Boterenbrood's innovative wellness concept which features a patented tool that utilizes sand and water for weight resistance.
Boterenbrood who lives in Grand Haven, credits the Lake Michigan beach as both an inspiration and a testing ground for her fitness business.  As a personal trainer she enjoyed the experience and physical challenge that working out on a beach provides.  As an inventor, she says she began her journey about four years ago when she had an idea for a special tool  that utilizes the natural environment, in this case beach sand, which makes exercise more fun and effective. "The idea was born on the beach.Then I spent four years doing research about making a product."

With a design in place and the patent process complete, Boterenbrood began manufacturing in June 2013 and proudly says  "It's 100% made in Michigan."

The business model for her first program which she says uses the "sand version" of her product is  based on her licensing the use of the tool and exercise program to health clubs at 5-star resorts with beach property, mainly in Florida.   She estimated that over 400 people have used her exercise system since launch in June at several resorts in Florida.

To compliment the "sand version" of her product, she is now near completion of launching the "water version" of the BeachFit tool, which she says is currently in the process of being designed and tested at Michigan Tech, as part of an engineering class. "I've hooked up through Bob DeJonge, the lead professor in the capstone class at Mi Tech.  The new product has several similarities with the sand version, but it's focus will be it's use in water. And it will be more eye catching."

Boterenbrood says this new product provides many more business opportunities. "It will open up more markets: pools, lakes, every body type: from novice to fitness buff."  Unlike the sand version of her product, she envisions the aquatic trainer to be sold directly to consumers through a wide variety of channels.

Boterenbrood credits help from the Grand Rapids Inventors Network, (GRIN) in moving the product forward. She currently has one sales rep but has plans to grow the team methodically. "The business is self funded. It has to grow based on commission." Besides working on developing her new product she is also busy working on nurturing her network of resorts, trainers and distribution channels and expects to be able to announce several significant expansions in the near future.

To learn more about BeachFit you can visit the site here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Job News Editor

Social media butterfly wanted at growing Grand Rapids PR company, 834 Design & Marketing

If you have a passion for helping clients achieve their goals, plus a talent for weaving a compelling story via social media, the blogosphere, and website content, 834 Design & Marketing might have the perfect job for you.

834 Design & Marketing, a young, growing communications and design firm at 560 Fifth St. NW, Grand Rapids, has a brand new position open that owner Kim Bode has dubbed "social media butterfly." The title might be lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek, and having fun on the job is a key element for this firm, but Bode says, "we live and breathe what we do."

The firm began in 2008 with just Bode, working from an office whose address was 834. Now, with three full-time people, the need for someone to coordinate social media and other web content for 20-plus clients looms large.

"They'll be curating the content, customizing the networks (Twitter, Facebook, and others), monitoring the communications, looking at the successes of the communication, and really looking at what the data's telling us, like when is the best time to post, what types of posts are getting the most reactions," Bode says. "They'll serve as an editor for the business media content channels, promote clients, execute strategy, and manage content and design.

"We are web-content machines," Bode adds with passion in her voice. "Anyone we bring into the organization has to know how to write; it's what sets our clients apart from their competitors."

Bode says that 834 Design & Marketing integrates marketing, design, and public relations. Besides online content, client campaigns often include branding, graphic design, event planning and coordination, global marketing, advertising, and community relations.

The company believes in helping college graduates get an education outside of school, and works with six to eight interns each year to provide them with hands-on research and marketing experience.

To find out more, or to apply for the social media coordinator position, click here.

Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
Images courtesy of 834 Design & Marketing

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