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Forestry Features


Michigan Dune Alliance helps protect state's iconic sand dunes from invasive species

Michigan's iconic sand dunes are being threatened by invasive species. Journalist Mark Wedel finds out how a group of conservation organizations are joining forces to weed out the invaders.


UIX: Local industries grow together in Brewer's Grove

The Brewer's Grove, a group effort between local brewers and the Friends of GR Parks, celebrates two of Grand Rapids' most unique titles, Tree City and Beer City USA.


Good wood: How you can enjoy your campfire this summer while protecting Michigan's forests

Without campfires, there's no s'mores. But without restrictions on moving firewood around the state, there might not be healthy forests.

Hemlocks line the banks at Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Aliens in the woods: Invasive species pose number one threat to Michigan forests

Despite what Smokey Bear may have told you, fires aren't the number one threat to forest ecosystems (at least not in Michigan). So what is? According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, invasive species are what we should be most worried about.


Fighting invasive species: West Michigan CISMA helps communities & landowners connect with resources

When there’s somethin’ strange, and it don’t look good, who ya gonna call? Drew Rayner of the West Michigan CISMA, if 'it' is an unusual plant you find on your property or spot on the side of the road.
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