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Human Resources Features


UIX: Groundbreaking healthcare is all about clear communication

The healthcare industry experiences innovation at an astounding rate, but not all innovation is defined by the latest technology or the smallest tools. Interpersonal communication, and interprofessional practice, is the new face of healthcare innovation, and care professionals in West Michigan are helping this trend grow.

 Tera Qualls

Do Good: 'Momentum' helps nonprofits successfully navigate the future

Nonprofit organizations have common challenges, often require the help of an outsider to keep them on track and aligned with their mission, and need to learn how to adapt to changes within and outside the organizational environment. Luckily, upstart company 'Momentum' is here to help. At the helm is Tera Qualls, who brings her experience working at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy at GVSU to the launch of this new organization.


Good Medicine: MSU College Brings New Professionals to Grand Rapids

When he was living in Chicago, Asgi Fazleabas took a look over the fence to see whether the grass was indeed greener in Grand Rapids.  Fazleabas and other top medical experts say that it is. Here's why.
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