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UIX Blog: Crowdfunding data shows patterns by industry

There are more ways than ever now for people to get help funding their projects. Legislation four years ago cleared the way for crowdfunding platforms to help connect those with a need to those who can chip in, and West Michigan is home to many of those connections.


G-Sync: The Perils of Tommy Allen (Adventures in Gigland)

As our gig economy expands throughout Grand Rapids, and the United States, who is profiting from it? And who isn't?

Alex Linebrink, founder of Passage

How small businesses can avoid the risks of mobile payment

Convenient and easy-to-use mobile payment technologies are increasing in popularity among small businesses, but they can pose security risks. Here are a few tips on how small businesses can ensure the security of their customers' and their own financial information.


Grand Rapids' Appropos leads wholesale business into the Amazon age

Even as online retailers dominate the business-to-customer retail market with intuitive software and data-based marketing tools, business-to-business wholesale transactions still tend to wallow in clunky, outdated software systems. Grand Rapids-based Appropos is on the scene as an early responder, working to help big names in the footwear industry reimagine the way they deal with retailers.


Victor Axe + Tool swings onto the national scene

Victor Sultana is a one-man brand with a craftsman's eye and a grandfather's work ethic. He's been creating reclaimed classic axes in Grand Rapids for eighteen months, but a million people nationwide will see the Victor Axe + Tool brand today.
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