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Composting saves on food waste and creates value in quality soil.

UIX: The regional business forum driving sustainability on a national scale

About 132,000 tons of food waste winds up in West Michigan landfills every year. The number is even higher for plastics and inorganic waste. Members of the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum are working together to drive that number down to zero.


Year-round produce cultivates employment, food access, and economy in Michigan

Innovative methods in growing and preserving Michigan food boost the local food economy — and not just during traditional growing seasons. See how Michigan businesses capitalize on farm-quality produce year-round.


Michigan hoophouse program benefits farmers, families, and markets

Low-tech by design, the simple hoophouse helps extend the farmer’s growing season. Learn how one Michigan program supports hoophouse farms so growers can stock markets, schools, and institutions with farm-fresh food year round.

Revolution Farms

Disrupting big agriculture means taking your crops indoors: West Mich. growers show us how

With new techniques like hydroponics and aquaponics — as well as carefully curated hoop houses — these futuristic farmers are closing the gap for fresh, home-grown, diverse produce and redefining farm-to-fork for a new generation.


UIX: When the future comes to West Michigan, will we be ready?

The future is on its way in the form of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence. In some corners of West Michigan, it's already here, and it's changing the ways we connect with each other, the ways we work with each other, and the ways we write new laws. But, the question remains: Are we ready to embrace it?
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