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Kara McNabb

I lead the change communications for a multi-year project to standardize the back-office systems of Amway's 58 affiliates to improve and enable more efficient business operations globally. Working with executives, directors, managers and international team members to develop informative communications is my day-to-day job description. Integral to my daily activity is creating compelling communication tactics in line with the project's change management strategies. Whether that be through video, intranet, podcast, newsletters or billboard tactics, I'm able to utilize a wide range of skills learned in college (verbal and written communication, video production & editing, graphic design, public relations, and even the six-week class I took on writing HTML code) while learning and applying new knowledge. I definitely landed a great opportunity with a great company in a great city!

Job Title: Associate Communications Specialist
Company: Amway
College: Central Michigan University, College of Communications and Fine Arts, Integrative Public Relations, Mount Pleasant, MI

Emily Stoddard Furrow

As a partner and communications consultant at DVQ Studio, I help lead our growing company and assist clients with every aspect of their brand, from their identity and messaging to their print materials and website. My background is in communications planning and strategy, writing, and project management. Coupled with my team's strengths in brand development, graphic and web design, and web development, we have grown DVQ Studio into a full-service shop.

I love my work, because our team believes in using communications to make social change. We work exclusively with mission-driven clients, including non-profits and businesses with a social purpose. My business partner Gretchen DeVault and I started out in the non-profit sector and have been involved in this work ever since… we hope to make DVQ Studio an example of how a business can be used for social good.

Job Title: Partner
College: Michigan State University, College of Arts & Letters, English, East Lansing, MI

Kevin McGrath

My role is principally focused on growing the company through new customer acquisition and the retention of the thousands of customers that have partnered with us over the last 28 years. This is primarily achieved by providing the leadership, coaching, and access to training and professional development opportunities needed to position our Sales Professionals for success. In addition to assisting in my team's sales efforts, I'm also responsible for our overall Marketing Strategy and Community Outreach efforts. Of course there are the spreadsheets, management meetings, and the other not-so-fun aspects of the job, but those are quickly tempered by the frequency with which we help our Customers lower their communications costs, grow revenue, improve communication, and provide enhanced Customer Service.

Job Title: Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Company: First Telecommunications
College: University of Baltimore, Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts, MS Applied Pyschology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Baltimore, MD

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