Jobs Landed: Grant Carmichael

I started ThinkXD, an experience design consultancy. I help companies create interfaces between people and products, from touchscreen devices to web applications.

More features and new technologies won't guarantee a product's success. Getting to know the end users–who they are, their goals and their context of use–are the real underpinnings of a valuable dialogue between a person and a product. The insights that come from this inquiry, and subsequent user testing, infuse the iterative design of an interaction framework, leading to the greater likelihood of a useful, desirable and even fun user experience.

I work alongside visual designers, industrial designers, developers and human factors researchers to collect and synthesize findings into personas and scenarios that guide the creation of a interface design model expressed visually with concept diagrams, workflows, wireframes and prototypes.

I am also involved with MichiganXD, a local Adobe User Group that meets monthly to explore UX methods.
Job Title: Owner, User Experience Designer
Company: ThinkXD
College: Carnegie Mellon University, BFA, Industrial Design, Pittsburgh, PA
High School: Plymouth-Canton High School, Canton, MI
Lives In: Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids, MI

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