Jobs Landed: Lyza Ingraham

Through AmeriCorp*VISTA we are given a year long commitment to assist non-profits that grant into the AmeriCorp*VISTA grant. Bethany Christian Services has 6 VISTA's helping in all of the programs that Bethany has. I am apart of the Domestic Foster Care Department and assist with the recruitment for Foster Care families. We go to events like the Griffins in Grand Rapids, MI, expos in the area, and go do presentations at churches and other organizations. I am also assisting with the creation of a Mentoring program that will give our families more of a support system and help with retention of Foster Care families. I also get the privilege to go to a certain amount of allotted conferences and workshops that help me professionally. Through AmeriCorp*VISTA you can look on their database about open jobs in the area or throughout the United States, check out to get more information!
Job Title: Foster Care Recruitment Assistant
Company: Bethany Christian Services
College: Grand Valley State University, Group Social Studies, Psychology Minor, Allendale, MI
High School: Algoma Christian School, Kent City, MI
Lives In: Grandville


Bethany Christian Services

901 Eastern Ave NE PO Box 294
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

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