Jobs Landed: Niki Buitenrust Hettema

I am responsible for Digital Marketing & E-Commerce for Steelcase online Store. Providing easy access to advanced performance work furniture for consumers and businesses who value design, comfort and convenience. By offering simple buying experience which includes everything from exceptional customer service to free shipping and installation..

I am also the Founder / President at Royal Bhaktapur, where we import fair-trade standard handmade products (Cashmere & Pashmina shawls) from Nepal ( Royal Bhaktapur exists in order to provide voices and opportunities to families in Nepal, so that they can have the economic freedom they need to flourish in the areas of health, education, community improvement and familial harmony. We need to remember that there is no distinction between a person in a developed country and a person in a poor country. The only difference between these individuals is opportunity, and as individuals that have opportunity, we have an obligation of service to help others achieve beneficial opportunities as well. By working directly with local producers and entrepreneurs in Nepal, we're able to contribute to the local economy and provide people with prospects to generate viable sources of income.
Job Title: Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Analyst
Company: Steelcase
College: University of Zeeland, International Business and Management, Vlissingen, The Netherlands
High School: Social Economics at S.S.G. Scheldemond, Vlissingen, The Netherlands
Lives In: Grand Rapids


901 44th St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

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