Jobs Landed: Steve Middendorp

I talk with prospective clients who are interested in refinancing their home to lower their interest rate, consolidate debt, pull cash out for equity or looking to purchase a home. I am knowledgeable in the programs that are available to fit each client's specific needs. I am responsible for the customer service aspect and the contact for the client throughout the loan process. I gather the documents, process the loan and maintain relationships with realtors, borrowers and referral sources. I work on developing marketing strategies and executing to create opportunities for new business.
Job Title: Licensed Loan Officer
Company: Arbor Mortgage
College: Grand Valley State University, Psychology, Communications, Allendale, MI
High School: Kent City High School, Kent City, MI
Lives In: Grandville

Arbor Mortgage

2311 East Beltline SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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