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Sean Sarniak

I finished High School, joined the Army, married my High School sweetheart from Rockford and started a family. I then deployed to and returned from Iraq, joined the Michigan National Guard, went back to school, and finally finished up!  I feel very, very lucky for all of the great friends and family I have in my life and I'm extremely excited for this new chapter in our lives!! Now, in my position with DornerWorks, I work with embedded electronics hardware and software design.

Job Title: Embedded Systems Engineer
Company: DornerWorks
College: Grand Valley State University, Padnos School of Computing and Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Allendale, MI

Bunmi Parks

Supporting the Human Resources and Legal and Risk Managment departments at Cascade is a pleasure because I get to learn about the organization from both an internal and external perspective.  I always knew Cascade Engineering was an employer of choice as I was an intern for the organization a few years ago.  When the opportunity to join the company as an employee presented itself I knew I was making the right decision.  The cool thing about working for Cascade Engineering is that not only is the organization a leader in the plastics engineering industry but it  is also a pioneer in supporting its employees and letting them know they are respected and valued.    

Job Title: Administrative Assistant - Human Resources & Legal and Risk Management
Company: Cascade Engineering
College: Grand Valley State University, Bachelor of Science, Allendale, MI

Mercedes Barragan

Cascade Engineering is a multi-business manufacturer and marketer supporting multiple brands. Cascade Engineering manufactures for and markets to a variety of industries such as automotive, commercial truck & bus, solid waste & recycling, furniture, material handling and renewable energy.
Here at Cascade I am part of a team that conducts research for various projects. In addition to this, I also do some web-editing, company reports, and internal communication.
I really enjoy the versatility of my job. I get to work on multiple assignments at any given time and I jump from research to creative so I am never bored! Before working at CE, I interned with the G.R. Hopper in addition to working full time as a server at Romano's Macaroni Grill. As soon as I graduated, I applied to a number of advertising agencies in Detroit and spent most of my free time researching different agencies in Washington DC, Denver and Texas. I was more or less determined to leave Michigan until I met Maxine Gray.
Shortly after graduation I waited on her at Romano's Macaroni Grill and she handed me a business card for the BL2END organization. Before I knew it, I was determined to be a part of the organization. There were openings for board members and I jumped at the opportunity! (Maxine can be very convincing!) That same month, I went to a BL2END event that featured Birgit Khols from The Right Place and I was hooked. It wasn't but a few weeks later that Maxine sent me an opening at Cascade Engineering and the rest is history!
It is truly a blessing to have so many opportunities fall into place and in my case, when I least expected it! It reassures that hard work pays off and that the Lord is taking care of me.

Job Title: Marketing and Communications Associate
Company: Cascade Engineering
College: Grand Valley State University, Bachelor of Art, Advertising and Public Relations, Allendale, MI

Leo Cardenas

As an Electrical Project Engineer at Gentex Corporation my primary responsibilities focus around the successful  launch of the electrical hardware and software components of Gentex's new products. Gentex Corporation is the leading manufacturer of auto-dimming mirrors in the automotive industry. Supplying these products to nearly every automaker in the world, my position plays an important part ensuring the end products meet the customer's design and quality requirements while keeping in mind the manufacturability and profitability of the products for Gentex. As an Electrical Project Engineer I interact with people at all levels of the organization- from sales to manufacturing. Gaining more experience with our customers may allow me to someday become a Program Manager where I will manage and be the main interface with customers during new product launches.

Job Title: Electrical Project Engineer
Company: Gentex Corporation
College: Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI

Kaitlyn Turner

I am working in the Durables R&D, Advanced Technologies department at Amway.  The Durables department focuses on products that will last a long time, such as cookware, cutlery, and water and air purifiers.  My department is a spin off of Durables where we work on technologies for future applications, one being a new wireless power technology coming to the market soon.  I work with the materials side of Advanced Technologies, doing research and design for potential materials that could be used as components in future products.  I will be a part of a rotation program in my first two years at Amway that allows for exposure in different departments and in different business roles.

Job Title: Associate Scientist- Design and Formulation
Company: Amway
College: Univeristy of Michigan, College of Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Ann Arbor, MI

Brian Turner

I am responsible for the scale up of new cosmetic products into full scale production.  My work includes: designing experiments, making batches of new products, testing and changing key parameters to obtain a desired outcome, keeping track of data, constant improvement of current products, and being involved in Lean Manufacturing initiatives.  My position requires: a Chemical Engineering degree, problem solving skills, teamwork skills, organization skills, taking initiative, good work ethic, the ability to see the big picture of product development, and the ability to handle multiple assignments at once.

Job Title: Associate Scientist - Process Development
Company: Amway
College: Univeristy of Michigan, College of Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Ann Arbor, MI

Dan Meyering

I develop and implement solutions for public and private clients engineering needs.  I consult clients through planning, funding acquisition, design and construction stages of their projects.

Job Title: Project Manager
Company: Fleis & VandenBrink Engineering
College: Calvin College, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Grand Rapids, MI

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