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Ryan T. Curtis

While working on my BBA at Grand Valley State University, I had an opportunity to participate in an internship program at Gordon Food Service which eventually led to full time employment. Since then, I’ve had an opportunity to work in our Inbound Traffic Department, Procurement and Marketing, and most recently, Logistics. My current role at the company is focused on applying strategic principles in terms of how we’re replenishing and positioning inventory in an effort to deliver greater overall value to our customers. It’s a project management-based role which aims to identify and execute a myriad of projects in order to drive efficiencies for both Gordon Food Service and our vendor community. I find the responsibilities tied to this particular role quite rewarding for a number of reasons. Many of the projects are cross-functional, allowing an opportunity to interact with employees from various areas of the company including Marketing, Procurement, Logistics, Operations, Traffic, and our Divisions. This provides an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the company as a whole as well as the overall industry. In addition, collaborating with vendors to identify these new efficiencies is welcomed with enthusiasm which is always a great way to begin a project involving several stakeholders. Being successful in this role requires excellent project management, problem solving, planning, and organization skills.

Job Title: Strategic Inventory Lead
Company: Gordon Food Service
College: Grand Valley State University, BBA, MBA, Management and Marketing Major, Emphasis in Distribution & Logistics, Grand Rapids, MI

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