Jobs Landed: Leo Cardenas

As an Electrical Project Engineer at Gentex Corporation my primary responsibilities focus around the successful  launch of the electrical hardware and software components of Gentex's new products. Gentex Corporation is the leading manufacturer of auto-dimming mirrors in the automotive industry. Supplying these products to nearly every automaker in the world, my position plays an important part ensuring the end products meet the customer's design and quality requirements while keeping in mind the manufacturability and profitability of the products for Gentex. As an Electrical Project Engineer I interact with people at all levels of the organization- from sales to manufacturing. Gaining more experience with our customers may allow me to someday become a Program Manager where I will manage and be the main interface with customers during new product launches.
Job Title: Electrical Project Engineer
Company: Gentex Corporation
College: Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI
High School: Huntley High School, Huntley, IL
Lives In: Grand Rapids

Gentex Corporation

600 North Centennial St.
Zeeland, MI 49464

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