Jobs Landed: Vicki Wenger

With my husband, Scott, we are eager to take our EcoTrek Fitness experience to a new level. I've been an avid EcoTrekker since December of 2008 (trekker of the month: June 2009), and Scott has been an EcoTrekker since February of 2010 (trekker of the month: March 2011). We are the first "couple" team leaders that EcoTrek Fitness has hired. We've been married for 27 years and enjoy EcoTrek because of the difference it has made in our lives. We've both experienced weight loss and better overall health.

EcoTrek has opened new physical opportunities and challenges for us. We recently completed our first 10K run at the 5/3 RiverBank run. We encourage everyone to try EcoTrek Fitness because of the healthy and positive differences it has made in our lives! We enjoy EcoTrek because it is something we can do together and also enjoy the great outdoors.Find our session schedule online at

Job Title: EcoTrek Fitness Coopersville Area Series Leader
Company: EcoTrek Fitness
College: Not Applicable
High School: Coopersville High School, Coopersville, MI
Lives In: Coopersville

EcoTrek Fitness

Grand Rapids, MI

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