Transformational change

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New Mental Health Foundation HQ lends more visibility to nonprofit mission

Feature Story UIX Lean

UIX: Local champions are leaning into city building

One year after devastating fire, Rising Grinds Cafe reopens in Madison Square

New Kent County nonprofit launches public-private pilot program for improving foster care outcomes

Read Muskegon's new literacy center hopes to mark beginning of new era for downtown Muskegon Heights

Feature Story 1349 Lake Drive SE, Sondag's Pastries in 1944

Neighborhoods of GR: Eastown a hip, connected community

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Facing a changing future, Midland reimagines its identity

Feature Story Christopher Smit and Jill Vyn, Co-Founders and Directors of DisArt

Rapid Blog: A DisArt Response to the "Second-best city for people with disabilities"

Feature Story Tommy Allen

G-Sync: Listening and the city

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Red Project Ride Along VIDEO

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G-Sync: Words, like “I’m sorry,” still matter in this modern world

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Grand Rapids' first-ever African American-owned cosmetology school celebrates opening

Neighborhood Match Fund to award small contracts with big impacts to resident-led community projects

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New funding will help local nonprofit advance Grand River restoration efforts

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Safe Haven Ministries launches $4M campaign for new facility, program expansion