Baxter Community is an eclectic and growing community located just South of Wealthy Street near Fuller Avenue. Read the adjacent Development and Innovation News to find out more about this vibrant neighborhood district.

Feature Story Karen Tracey

RapidChat: Karen Tracey

Feature Story Paul Haan

Do Good: 'Get the Lead Out!' helps homeowners make older homes safe for kids

Feature Story Dustie DeVille, founder and executive director of CLSWM

Do Good: CLSWM provides a pathway to justice for low-income people

Feature Story FTfowlerhouse

G-Sync: Our big, bold bid to build the future

Feature Story Matt and Kristin Fowler

G-Sync: Living Building Challenge in Grand Rapids

Feature Story FTtacos

The tao of tacos

Feature Story Rich Bloem

UIX: Rich Bloem builds homes, hope, and connection

VIDEO: Bill Fluharty, TEDx Macatawa

Feature Story FTartsLIST

What it really means to support the arts for kids

Sustaining Wealthy Theatre

Teaching children creative writing

Feature Story FTgsyncLIST

G-Sync: A Brazen Act of Plagiarism

Gardening in the Baxter community

Feature Story FTgsyncLIST

G-Sync: Local Ballot Measure is a Real Job Killer*

Feature Story FTgsyncLIST

G-Sync: The Buzz on DCGR

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