Garfield Park-Alger Heights-Grandville Ave

Diversity is the celebrated strength of the Garfield Park-Alger Heights-Grandville Avenue area. With African Americans, whites, and numerous Latino groups – Mexican Americans, Cubans, El Salvadorans, Dominicans, and Guatemalans – the area is unquestionably Grand Rapids' melting pot. And the combination of cultures is represented with pride in public art, local cuisine, and neighborhood businesses.

Located on the city's southwest side, the Garfield Park district is roughly bounded by Cottage Grove Street to the north, 28th Street to the south, Division and Century Streets to the west, and Eastern Avenue to the east.

Alger Heights is generally defined by Eastern Avenue on the west, Kalamazoo on the east, Burton on the north, and 28th Street on the south.

And the Grandville district is generally defined by Wealthy Street on the north, Burton Street to the south, Century Street on the east, and Clyde Park and Godfrey to the west.



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