South Division

With the addition of Michigan's first Bus Rapid Transit line, and the rich cultural diversity of surrounding neighborhoods, the South Division corridor holds promise as an up and coming place to call home.

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Seeking a quintessentially Grand Rapids summer? Check out these 9 events

Innovation NewsLittleSpace

Little Space Studio changing their approach to creative co-working

Innovation Newsinnovation

Foster Kent Kids coalition helps foster homes optimize their family dynamic

Innovation Newshousing

New Rental Assistance Program aims to increase accessibility to affordable housing

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Defining Division: Maintaining and building community identity

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Neighborhoods of GR celebrates our city's places and spaces

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Making it in GR: Adapting an engineering mindset to entrepreneurship

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3 women in design you should get to know

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Young Professional Spotlight: Brandy Arnold

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Startup Spotlight: Parliament the Boutique

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Where to work it in a West Michigan Winter

culturedGR: Closing the gap in arts coverage

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Working in the City: Angela Nelson

Young Professional Spotlight: Zyra Castillo

StartUp News: UberEATS arrives in Grand Rapids

Feature Storysd6

Defining Division: Development without displacement

Feature StoryAngelica Velazquez

Definiendo South Division: Desarrollo sin desplazamiento

Local business holiday roundup

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