On The Ground

Feature Story OTG Muskegon Love Muskegon sign

VIDEO: Celebrating the strength and spirit of a rising Muskegon

Feature Story ad22

Power of the people: Celebrating the heart and soul of Grandville Avenue

Feature Story zk6

Grandville Avenue: A neighborhood confronted with a history of redlining and segregation

Feature Story h8

To love Grand Rapids into greatness means authentic community engagement

Feature Story Blanca Santizo

Women of the avenue: The strength of Grandville Ave.

Feature Story Samariz Hernández Cruz

We remember Samariz Hernandez Cruz: a legacy of advocacy, strength, and leadership

Feature Story fd9

A shared meal on Grandville Avenue

Feature Story Sue Garza, directora de la Biblioteca Cook y Erica Tomas Juarez

Eliminating zero tolerance: advocacy, changing law and efforts towards restorative practices

Feature Story SJ2

Rumsey Street: Leaving behind a history of sacred space

Feature Story Synia Jordan

Synia Jordan: A legacy of refusal and advocacy on Grandville Avenue

Feature Story dl6

Dominga Lucas-Pérez: Raising up indigenous voices of persistence on Grandville Avenue

Feature Story March2

Dismantling racism: the fight for immigration reform

Feature Story Samariz Hernández Cruz at Cesar Chavez Elementary School

On the Ground: The Heart of Grandville Avenue

Feature Story OTGVIDEO

VIDEO: On The Ground highlights the Southeast Community of Grand Rapids

Feature Story LOK

Intersections of race and class: The food divide in Grand Rapids' southeast community

Feature Story OTG71

Together in faith on Burton Street

Feature Story Rebeca Velazquez-Publes resident of the SE neighborhood of GR

'How do we rally for one another?' For Rebeca Velazquez-Publes, a life of fighting oppression

Feature Story Traci Whiting, Coordinadora del Grupo Minoritario de Gilda's Club

Leaders of color are empowering southeast community to take charge of breast health

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