Le Bon Macaron to bring a little bit of European charm to the already charming Cherry St. in May

After successfully launching her unique café in 2009 in East Lansing, owner and designer Kelly Toland of Le Bon Macaron is bringing her colorful, French-inspired pastries to East Hills. 

Set to open in May at 951 Cherry St. SE, Le Bon Macaron's new Grand Rapids location will replace the recently relocated furniture and home design retailer Hunt & Gather after its move to a shared space on Curve Street late last month. The new shop will share the space with Ginko Studios Floral Design. 

Toland says she always knew she would bring the business to Grand Rapids eventually, but was waiting patiently for the right location and the right timing to collide. 

"We've had our eye on the area for a few years; we liked going there for ourselves in general," says Toland, who has been a Grand Rapids resident since marrying her husband in 2012 and commutes to work in East Lansing each day. "The restaurant, the shops, it's a charming area and it has sort of a European feel to it with it being pedestrian and more historic."

Toland says other than bringing in the refrigeration case and other store fixtures specific to her product line, most of the remodeling continues to be largely cosmetic, with plans to finish painting the Cherry Street Le Bon Macaron's interior in the same color scheme as her East Lansing store – light greys, blushing pinks and creamy whites – and planning to tie up the French café look with bistro tables before the store's May opening. 

"I'm just excited to be a part of that community; it's a great group of small business owners," she says. "Everyone is very nice, we've met a lot of people and it's already like a family, so I think it will be great." 

Visit Le Bon Macaron online for more information about the East Lansing shop or find Le Bon Macaron on Facebook to stay updated on the progress of the upcoming Grand Rapids location. 

Written by Anya Zentmeyer, Development News Editor
Images courtesy of Le Bon Macaron/Kelly Toland
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