Terryberry announces $2.6M renovation project, plans to add 53 new jobs with MSF training grant

Grand Rapids-based firm Terryberry announced a $2.6 million expansion project last week that will help the provider of employee recognition programs and custom awards renovate, expand and add 53 new jobs at its 2033 Oak Industrial Drive NE manufacturing facility. 

"We had hired a lot of individuals last year here in Grand Rapids and in other locations," says Mike Byam, fourth-generation managing partner at Terryberry. "We started adding some roles in earnest back in March – we've got 10 full-time positions already this year, and my guess is it'll be at least that many if not twice as many prior to the end of the year and then the remaining hires in the balance." 

To help offset the costs required to train new hires for mostly full-time positions in skilled designers, custom jewelry craftsmen, IT developers and sales professionals, Terryberry partnered with local economic developers The Right Place, Inc. and state partners from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to receive approval for a $250,000 Michigan Strategic Fund.

Byam says having the training program in place will help equip West Michigan jobseekers with talents that are often difficult to find in West Michigan. 

"In our business, specifically in West Michigan, certainly from a manufacturing standpoint, a big element of our business is the jewelry manufacturing – the custom emblems we use to symbolize awards, championship-style rings both for business and schools that have had success – and it's just really difficult to find people in West Michigan with those types of skills already."

Terryberry, alongside contractors AJ Veneklasen, expects to break ground in July on a renovation project that will bring the Grand Rapids headquarters from 47,000 to 53,000 square feet upon its late 2015 completion. Included in the renovation are the addition of a second story, increased office space, new machinery, an employee commons and other team member amenities.

However, Byam said the main focus of the expansion is to create more manufacturing space, though some upgraded amenities for staff will only be an added bonus as Terryberry's brand continues to expand both domestically and overseas. 

"The software side of things has been a real terrific platform for Terryberry to export, because it's a web-based solution and you're able to better assist global organizations because so many of our clients have locations outside of the United States," he says. "Through that, we see certainly in developed nations, our business really continues to grow within those countries as well, especially Europe."

By Anya Zentmeyer, Development News Editor
Images courtesy of Terryberry, Inc.

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