Comic relief coming to downtown Grand Rapids' retail scene

The Vault of Midnight, a well-established, nationally known comic book store founded in Ann Arbor, will be opening its doors in downtown Grand Rapids come early September.

The store, which will be located at 95 Monroe Center (previously home of Van Hoeks Shoes), will feature a large collection of new and used comic books, games, and graphic novels, not to mention a cool vibe and most importantly, a very knowledgeable and passionate staff.

Curtis Sullivan, who owns the store along with his wife Elizabeth DellaRocco and business partner Steve Fodale, says making the decision to open up shop in Grand Rapids was based more on observables and intuition than a detailed market research plan. 

"We looked at a lot of towns. Small retail is risky, so we are going by what we know with our current location in downtown Ann Arbor. We see a lot of similarities of activities -- food, coffee, beer, museums, and events."

Sullivan says his store attracts everyone from the die-hard comic book fan, to grandparents buying gifts for the grandkids. Besides the wide variety of comic books and games, Sullivan says Vault of Midnight is known for its highly-trained and friendly staff and cool atmosphere.

"When you walk into the store, it is immediately bright and clean, well-organized, and visually appealing. Our staff is expected to say hello to everyone and are prepared to offer recommendations," he says. "Our staff is very knowledgable. Everyone is a nerd, and everyone knows a lot about comics. First time customers are crucial. We want to get them a good comic to get the spark started."

The exact opening date for Vault of Midnight remains fluid, but it will certainly be open in time for ArtPrize in early September. Sullivan says he anticipates a staff of 3-5 employees.

To learn more about Vault of Midnight, you can view their site here. MLive also reported in more detail about the opening here.

Source: Curtis Sullivan, Vault of Midnight
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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