The People's Pub: The Ada Pour House is a gastropub for everyone

Located at 6749 E. Fulton, new The Ada Pour House Gastropub is earning the social media hashtag #thepeople'spub for a reason. 

"We did a lot of things with social media and asking people in town and stuff to just get an idea of where they wanted the next restaurant to go, and a lot of people mentioned Ada and Rockford and some of the smaller towns on the outskirt of Grand Rapids because not everybody wanted to drive into town," says owner Rob Aldridge. 

In its final stages of construction, the 3,000-square-foot gastro pub will neighbor the Amway headquarters in Ada and have 800 square feet of additional patio space available for diners in the warmer months, too. 

Aldridge says when they open, patrons can expect 12 of their 16 taps to be dedicated to local craft brews, with the rest allotted for the regular domestics. The Ada Pour House Gastropub will also include a wine list with some Michigan favorites as well as California titles to support a locally sourced, made-from-scratch menu. 

"The big emphasis is on the craft side," Aldridge says. "High-quality crafted beer, wine, liquor and also food. We're going to spend a little bit more money on the ingredients that go into our menu. The area kind of calls for a little bit higher quality as far as that stuff is concerned."

One of the specialty half-pound burgers will run patrons somewhere between $10-$12, Aldridge says, but will be 60-70 percent ground brisket and 30 percent ground chuck – a "higher-end burger." 

"Everything is made from scratch, no frozen foods," he says. 

Aldridge says he started searching for a location for The Ada Pour House about a year ago and said he considered a downtown Grand Rapids location before signing on to 6749 E. Fulton. 

"When it came down to the space downtown or the space out in Ada, honestly the traffic on Fulton Street plus really the saturation as far as restaurants go out in Ada is very limited," he says. "We had the opportunity to take advantage of the fact that there's just not as many choices out this way and people got very excited about the thought of having that extra choice and having that extra nice restaurant in town that they can go to and get good food."

The Ada Pour House will announce its opening date through social media, so visit The Ada Pour House on Facebook to stay updated on its progress and latest announcements. 

Written by Anya Zentmeyer, Development News Editor
Images Courtesy of The Ada Pour House 

Construction Company: R J Devries Construction, Inc. 
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