Muskegon wakes up and smells the coffee with new shop in historic Russell Block Building

Drip Drop Drink will be one of the first three tenants opening in the Russell Block Market, the $2 million retail incubator located at 360 W. Western Ave. in Muskegon. The shop, which will specialize in handcrafted, drip-style coffee along with an espresso bar, is gearing up to open in June.

It's the brainchild of Muskegon resident Todd Johnson, who has 20 years of experience in the food service business. After he and his employer of 18 years parted ways last August, Johnson was free to follow his dream. 

Although Grand Rapids coffee houses, such as Madcap Coffee and Rowster Coffee, already embrace drip-style coffee, it is something new for Muskegon.

"Drip Drop Drink uses only high-quality, artisan-roasted coffee beans that are sustainably produced by direct-trade farmers," says Johnson. "Drip-style coffee slows the process down and allows us to get to know our customers. We want people to take their time and enjoy the process of coffee making, the aroma, and all of the flavors inherent in the beans."

When the Russell Block Market opens, Drip Drop Drink, along with other small and start-up retailers, will help perk up the downtown area, which is enjoying a renaissance after suffering a period of decline, including the closure and demolition of the former Muskegon Mall a dozen years ago.

The retail incubator offers Drip Drop Drink and other tenants low rents as well as the opportunity for group marketing and business development support.

Coffee connoisseurs don't have to wait until June to get a taste of what Drip Drop Drink offers. Johnson sets up shop at the Muskegon Indoor Winter Market (old Savings Bank Building, 350 W. Western Ave.) on Weds. and Sat. from 9 a.m. to3 p.m.. He also sets up shop at Watermark Live once a month.

Source: Todd Johnson, Drip Drop Drink
Writer: Victoria Mullen, Do Good Editor
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