Get a "kick" out of getting around with Micro Kickboard's stylish scooters

Even a one-year-old can handle the quick, easy, stylish transportation offered by Micro Kickboard, one of the newest shops in East Grand Rapids' Gaslight Village shopping district.

Swiss-made, sturdy, and lightweight portability all in one easy-to-ride, foldable scooter that's perfect for those quick jaunts that are too long for walking and too short for driving. Factor in the assortment of cool colors, artistic design, and on-board brakes and these scooters could truly appeal to anybody.

Geoff and Julie Hawksworth own the only U.S. Micro Kickboard distributorship and decided now is the time to open the first U.S. storefront, 2151 Wealthy St. SE, featuring only Micro Kickboard scooters, accessories, and parts and service. Previously, the scooters could only be found in places like toy stores and bike stores.

There are scooters for ages one year and up. Some have two wheels and kickstands for easy upright parking, others have three wheels for more stability, and the extreme models are for stuntsters and tricksters. Telescoping handlebars adjust to the height needed and fold down for easy storage. The scooters weigh between four and ten pounds, making them light to carry. The small size makes them ideal for students to tuck under a classroom seat or in a locker, or for businesspeople to store in a cubicle.

There's even a Micro Luggage style that combines the convenience of a scooter with a rolling carry-on suitcase -- you just get off the plane, fold out the scooter, and scoot to your next gate or to the rental car desk with your belongings safe inside the suitcase.

"They have a minimalist design, highest quality materials, and very tight construction, so we say you don't shake and rattle when you roll," says Julie Hawksworth. "They have an exceptionally smooth glide and are exceptionally durable. You feel very elegant on the adult scooters and they're very fun for getting from A to B."

Store hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon. - Fri.; 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sat.

Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
Images courtesy of Micro Kickboard
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