Rockford Brewing Co. looks to expand facilities to include outdoor patio, full kitchen

Seth Rivard, co-owner of Rockford Brewing Company, says the number one request the brewery receives from customers is for a food menu to go with the beer menu. 

“Many patrons go to dinner first and then visit RBC, or visit RBC first and leave to go out to dinner,” Rivard says. 

So, after receiving approval from the Rockford Planning Commission in late June, Rockford Brewing is moving forward with the planning stages on a renovation project that will expand facilities to include a full 1,500-square-foot kitchen space and an outdoor roof-top deck space overlooking Rockford’s Rogue River and the White Pine Trail, with seating for up to 70. 

Rivard said they are still doing design work and have not selected a construction company or made any solid budgetary plans at this stage, but along with the planning commission’s approval to move forward was consent to remove a peaked roof from the former Poindexter’s Specialty Marketplace (12 E. Bridge Street) to accommodate the roof-top deck space.

Having a full kitchen and seating for patrons to eat, he says, is a crucial next step to growing Rockford Brewing Company – one that is highly anticipated by clientele. 

“They are looking for more and we are expecting that hand-crafted food kitchen that focuses on farm-to-table fare is going to fill the void,” he says. “…(We) are really excited to continue to support local Michigan businesses and agriculture and really put the focus on just that – Michigan and supporting Michigan.” 

Writer: Anya Zentmeyer, Development News Editor
Image courtesy of Rockford Brewing Company  
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