TEDxGrandRapids opens to educators for FREE

If you haven’t heard about TEDx, then you are missing some critical information. It’s a conference based on the original and annual TED conference, but in your local community. It’s also where big ideas happen and where words are replaced with inspiration and action.
Grand Rapids is gifted with the experience of TEDx due to the generosity and volunteerism of many community members. Now in its second year, TEDx Grand Rapids -- the single-day forum that brings some of the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers to Grand Rapids -- is offering teachers a free livestream of the event on Thursday, May 10 at Forest Hills Fine Arts Center.
“We are all students and TED is a global classroom, showing us what is possible. TED introduces us to the people who are moving our world forward -- those people inspire us. And then we, in turn, can inspire others,” says Dalin Clark, host of the Livestream for Education event. “TEDxGrandRapids’ 18-minute talks will span science, the arts, important world issues and extraordinary personal experiences, which can be immensely valuable for teachers to use as springboards for classroom discussions or projects.”
The event will invite 1,000 educators to experience the TEDxGrandRapids program in real time. They’ll have the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas and figure out their own answers to the TEDxGrandRapids theme “What Now?” Additionally, teachers are invited to nominate up to 10 outstanding students, 10th grade and older, who would also benefit from the TEDx conversation.
Livestream for Education is designed to inspire those who are committed to our youngest innovators -- teachers, administrators, after-school mentors, coaches, support staffers and everyone affiliated with education. Like the main event at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, the Livestream for Education audience will be curated to gather an audience of remarkable individuals who can inspire, challenge and offer diverse and unique perspectives.
The Livestream for Education application is now available at here. The deadline is March 30.
Source: Adam Clarke, TEDx Grand Rapids; Dalin Clark, Livestream for Education
Writer: Jennifer Wilson, Do Good Editor
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