We're putting the "good" back in do-gooder

"You're such a do-gooder!" That term hasn't always carried the best connotation. But starting today, we're out to change that.

Goodness may be the only investment that never fails and that is one of the reasons why West Michigan is flourishing. We have caring people making a difference in our community through philanthropy, advocacy and volunteerism. Our cities are filled with nonprofit organizations actively pursuing missions, philanthropists big and small funding programs and so many others actively giving of their time to get involved.

"Do Good" is the latest addition to Rapid Growth Media's publication that focuses on these champions, charitable organizations and innovative programs that are transforming our community into a better place to live. But it doesn't end there. "Do Good" is also a call to action. It's a way for you to get involved, learn more and perhaps even become a do-gooder yourself. 

Watch for these articles every week in our new section, and if something catches your attention, each article and profile will contain information on how you can get involved with that organization and "Be a Do-Gooder."
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