RapidBlog: The Evolution of Technology, by Brian Steketee

Brian Steketee is a founding partner of Agent X.  His focus has been on leveraging new technologies to enhance the brand building experience at the point of engagement for Fortune 100 clients including AstraZeneca, Diageo, Philip Morris, Toyota, General Motors, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Kashi, US ARMY, Snickers, United Airlines, Dunkin Donuts, NBA, Anheuser Busch, and the NCOA.

Technology has rapidly changed the way we view the world around us, how we engage with family and friends and how brands engage with their target audiences. Agent X has a passion for what’s new and cutting edge, so we wanted to share some thoughts on emerging technologies that are actually here today.
Let’s start with the basics. It’s not that traditional media is dying -- it’s evolving. And as technology becomes more available for all humans, we’re seeing the definition of traditional change.
Recent scientific advances in technology have expanded possibilities for digital integration beyond even what our parents' generations hoped for. Still no flying cars or jetpacks, though -- we’re waiting on that.
Remember that concert you saw? With that favorite band of yours? Great show, wasn’t it? Try to remember what it felt like to be by the stage for the show. Now, stop. Enhance.
Imagine if you could use an iPad or similar tablet and be able to experience the concert from a 360 perspective, interactively The Black Eyed Peas offered an app that did just that.
One other cool technology to keep your eyes on is Augmented Reality (AR).
AR, in short, happens when a programmer/developer writes coding that recognizes a picture, marker or pattern on a surface, and then causes the app (on computer or smartphone) to run a series of functions that render these digital images, superimposed over the screen.
Below is a video showing a very cool example of what augmented reality can offer the consumer and brands. Adidas used AR to allow people that purchased their shoes to not only wear them, but to engage with them, play with them and have some honest digital fun!

If you’re not impressed, don’t say we didn’t warn you: scientists are currently working on contact lenses that would provide augmented reality. How cool is that!?
So by now, you’re starting to see how rapidly technology will continue to change the world around us. It’s overwhelming at times, but what it offers goes beyond just applications for marketers. It offers a benefit to the human experience. It’s another way of looking at this wonderful world around us. (But we still encourage you to get out and smell the roses!)

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