2080 Union is a peek into the future and solutions found within Community Land Trusts

On Thursday, Jan. 11, and after years of dialogue about how we, as a local community, can offer a path to affordable housing in Grand Rapids, local media were invited to take in a preview of a new innovative approach to providing access at the 2080 Union Housing Development.

This new development in the tree-filled Garfield Park neighborhood began in August 2023 and marks Dwelling Place's groundbreaking venture into for-sale housing. 
Unfinished basements allow homeowners to increase their property value at their own pace, ensuring lower final home purchase prices and increased accessibility.
On Thursday, Jan. 11, Dwelling Place kicked off the two-week application period by welcoming the media to mingle and talk with the many key stakeholders in the creation of this first time (and largest Community Land Trust in the state) project in Gra

Scenes from the kick off and tour of the new CLT project at 2080 Union SE — Grand Rapids' first purpose-built community that helps build generational wealth via homeownership.
While new housing is popping up all over the city/region and is financed in an array of often traditional approaches to providing a solution to housing shortages, this pioneering project, made possible through the invaluable support of the city of Grand Rapids, involves the eventual construction of 42 homes.

What makes this project noteworthy is that it will be the largest Community Land Trust (CLT) project in Michigan, these homes under this classification are so much more than merely residences for those in need but are actually community assets. 

A view of the many distinct, single-family home styles being created at 2080 Union.

A hallway view of a single-unit home, where aging in place takes center stage. The accent wall in a refreshing green tone, seamlessly connects with the tree-lined front yards of this row of homes at 2080 Union.

Thoughtful design went into the creation of each unit, where community-inspired elements, like this inviting open stairway, beckon visitors to explore the second floor, where three bedrooms and a bathroom await a future homeowner.

Dwelling Place stepping into the CLT's arena ensures affordability first and foremost, with discounted prices benefiting both the initial as well as future buyers, all of whom must meet low or moderate income qualifications. 

The motivation for this project and what makes it stand out in our community is that it addresses the pressing issue of scarce starter homes within the West Michigan market. The best part is that this initiative aims to bridge the gap by offering a sustainable, long-term solution. 

Moreover, this CLT model provides a unique middle ground between renting and homeownership, empowering residents to start to build generational wealth and prosperity for the future via one of the best ways a loan can build financial security: home ownership.

If you would like to know more information about availability about this project that offers too many options to capture, reach out to Dwelling Place’s CLT Sales Coordinator Freshta Tori Jan. Applications for the first batch of 13 of the 42 homes, which will be completed in late spring, are open until Jan. 25 and can be found here. Future application opportunities will be released as more homes are completed. 

While CLTs originated in the U.S. in 1969, with approximately 450 in existence within this 50-plus-year window, the number is expected to grow. To explore CLTs further, the Community Land Trust Network video illustrates their expansive beauty and potential contributions to local communities and small businesses. 
Despite the cold and snowy conditions, site contractors plot the lines of just one of the 42 new homes rising up from the earth at 2080 Union.

Every unit at 2080 Union is treated to a unique color palette, fostering individuality within each home.

Dwelling Place’s Community Land Trust Sales Coordinator Freshta Tour Jan wants folks to know that these new homes have spacious kitchens and are just one of the many community-informed amenities offered within these homes.

Dwelling Place’s 2080 Union Project is truly opening up the imagination of our local communities through what solutions we can offer our residents (and even the small business/entrepreneurial community) via community land trusts.
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