When a birdhouse becomes a work of art: Friends of GR Parks fundraiser supports local green spaces

The Friends of Grand Rapids Parks gave 10 local artists a small wooden birdhouse, and the challenge to transform it into a work of art for the home or the yard.

Each of the birdhouses is being auctioned off by Friends on their website to raise money for the mission to empower people to support vibrant parks, trees, and green spaces in the Grand Rapids community.

Friends helped volunteers invest nearly 2,500 hours into park and tree stewardship in 2019, with the goal to plant 1,000 trees in GR in 2020. Every $300 raised allows Friends to plant, water, and maintain a tree for one year. Smaller donations like $150 supply flowers and tools for a park beautification project, or $50 provides tree trimmer saws and manpower to prune trees.

In a time when most of us are staying at home, this project is a welcome reminder that Grand Rapids' green spaces are assets worth supporting, protecting, and enjoying.

Birdhouse by Sara Jean Anderson
Birdhouse by Ace Marasigan.
Birdhouse by Major Rosalynn Bliss.Birdhouse by Alynn Guerra.
Birdhouse by Katherine Williams.
Birdhouse by Tommy Allen and Michael Pfleghaar.
Birdhouse by Mark Rumsey.Birdhouse by Nick Nortier.
Birdhouse by Claire Fisher.
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