Further transforming data into human-centered strategies through a company acquisition

LaFleur One recently announced its acquisition of Orchard Insights, a market research firm based in Chicago, furthering the region’s position as a leading technology hub. With this partnership, Orchard Insights will become a sister company to the well-known LaFleur Marketing. With a focus on modernizing market research, Orchard Insights’ unique quantitative research tool will be integrated into LaFleur Marketing's operations, introducing a transformative approach to marketing and innovation for their clients.
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For businesses and individuals alike, Grand Rapids continues to be a draw.

“The Grand Rapids regional economy is one of the fastest-growing in the nation,” says Jennifer Wangler, vice president of technology at The Right Place. “There's a reason Grand Rapids is home to so many global consumer brands, such as Amway, Steelcase and Bissell. Their success has positioned the region as a tech hub and attracts other businesses to set up their operations here.”

Wangler also points to the local talent pool and affordability as selling points. “With half of [our] residents under the age of 35, employers can draw from an energetic, tech-savvy workforce,” she says. Additionally, “the lower cost of living provides residents with a higher disposable income and businesses with a more competitive cost base. This makes West Michigan an attractive destination for both talent and businesses.”

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LaFleur Marketing is accustomed to growth. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies, according to the 2023 Inc. 5000 ranking, LaFleur Marketing employs a data-driven strategy to craft marketing plans, predominantly for companies operating in highly regulated industries. Their reputation for deriving human-centered insights from data and technology has positioned them as an industry leader.

“Data and technology have become pivotal in aiding transformation across all of our industry sectors,” says Wangler. “Firstly, data plays a crucial role in promoting informed decision-making and predicting trends. Companies leverage data analytics to gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences and market demands. Organizations like LaFleur Marketing can adapt their strategies and tailor their products or services accordingly, leading to transformative growth and improved customer satisfaction.”

Orchard Insights’ market research tool, distinguished for its ability to provide faster and more comprehensive results, uses observational data gathered in the field, eliminating self-reporting bias common in traditional market research methods. No stranger to utilizing data or technology within its operations, by leveraging its proprietary analytics tool, LaFleur Marketing aims to continue to empower businesses to make more confident and agile decisions. This cutting-edge approach is expected to reach a significantly larger audience, offering insights in a fraction of the time compared to traditional research methods.

For Wangler, technology supports change in a variety of ways. 

“Technology itself acts as a catalyst for transformation by enabling innovative advancements,” she says. The incorporation of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), for example, “has revolutionized how industries operate,” Wangler says. 
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As it relates to marketing, one aspect of strategy development that is often overlooked, though essential, is market research, due to the time and investment required. Chip LaFleur, president and CEO of LaFleur One and LaFleur Marketing, is optimistic about the impact of incorporating Orchard Insights’ approach to research for companies of all sizes. 

“Traditional market research uses self-reporting methods or incentivized surveys. Orchard’s method gathers observational data in the field,” LaFleur says in a press release. “This removes the bias, allowing businesses to be more confident and agile in their decision-making. This proprietary analytics tool reaches six times more people than traditional research methods and provides insights in a fraction of the time.”

The merger aligns both companies under the umbrella of LaFleur One, Inc., which plans to expand its portfolio through future acquisitions of additional companies and brands. Ross Holdren, CEO and president of Orchard Insights, will continue to contribute to LaFleur One, Inc. as a senior partner, strategist and board member.

For Holdren, this merger “makes a lot of sense. We can now offer our clients services that span the full marketing cycle. This merger will benefit everyone involved — our organizations, our employees and our clients,” he shared in a recent press release.

As LaFleur Marketing and Orchard Insights unite their expertise and embrace their shared vision, there are possibilities for enhanced support and continued growth. With their headquarters remaining in West Michigan, the merged entity will contribute to the development of the region's tech sector while offering businesses of all sizes the opportunity to leverage a data-driven approach while still gathering human-centered insights.

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