Instagram roundup: The most interesting people in GR

Who's capturing the best images of our fair river city? From @grandrapidspubliclibrary and @lovecharlesvintage to @carbonstories and @uicagr, check out this profile of the best Instagram'ers in GR.
Grand Rapids is continuing to grow week by week, and long gone are the days of complaining of the lack of things to do in this city. Chances are if you choose only one event for the night, you are missing out on at least two other great ones across the city.

So what is one to do with such a good dilemma? Step your Instagram game up. We are here to drop some of the most interesting Instagram accounts in Grand Rapids. They will show you sides of the city you have never seen, as well as keep you up to date with the most popular events and places to be for the season.

Grand Rapids Public Library: @grandrapidspubliclibrary
Is your Amazon book wish list in the double digits? Triple digits? If so put the phone down and head to the Main Public Library. Now you may find it odd to see an organization on a list of instagrammers to follow, but remember there are humans behind those screens! Social media can be a rough and scary task for established institutions to tackle, yet the Grand Rapids Public Library does it almost effortlessly. Combining useful event information, book selection promotion, and a cool wit, their images are always worth swiping through.

Love Charles Vintage: @lovecharlesvintage
An account run by local businesswoman Lily Greig for her online shop known by the same name, Greig mixes in masterful product photography, behind the scenes photos of vintage clothing restoration, and personal snapshots of her life to keep customers more than engaged...they feel like a part of her world. That is the goal of social media, and a supporting reason why Instagram has begun tying e-commerce with their platform, having some high profile accounts integrate purchase links right into the images.

Dwell Grand Rapids: @dwell_grandrapids
Quite possibly one of the most active Instagram accounts covering the city of Grand Rapids, blogger, realtor, and foodie Tara Heerspink keeps up a blazing upload pace. Let’s just say you will always have new pictures to make you wish you could keep up with this realtor rockstar. If you are looking for new places to eat or what to do tonight, Dwell GR’s Instagram account will have you covered. The eye of a realtor and the discerning taste of a foodie are a dangerous combination for this Instagram feed. Warning: you may succumb to FOMO! (Fear Of Missing Out)

Carbon Stories: @carbonstories
Run by the talented and young creatives known as carbon creators, the minds at Carbon Stories are always off on a shoot and sneaking the public some behind the scenes footage. This creative agency tucked away on Grand Rapids’ west side uses videography and photography to tell stories and share experiences. If you’re a sucker for unusual shots and behind-the-scenes sneak peaks, give them a follow.

Heritage Chill: @heritagechill
Local designer by day, spirited DJ by full moonlit night, Tom Engelsman has been on the design teams for such local groups as The Bandit Zine and Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival. When he is not creating rad design work, Engelsman can be heard spinning vinyl as DJ Heritage Chill or, if you are lucky, you can catch his work as Scintillate. Engelsman has an eye for the obscure and funny. If you want the right feed to be scrolling through at 2 a.m., this is the feed for you.

Pasagraphy: @pasagraphy
So if you are making a list of Instagram accounts to follow you would be remiss if you didn’t include a professional photographer. Chantal Pasag of Pasagraphy is a recent west coast transplant to our happy midwest city. She has wasted no time taking amazing shots of the city from a view that only an outsider can provide. There are no two ways about it; if you are looking for gorgeous images of the city and beyond, you need not look further than Pasagraphy’s feed.

UICA: @uicagr
We could not leave you without our old friend and sharpest eye for imagery—the good people at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA). Whether it’s their latest exhibit, film screenings, themed parties, or guest speakers and panel discussions, the UICA always has great content on and off Instagram. Following them will breathe life into your feed, so keep yourself up to date with a quick follow and be prepared to look at the amazing art that the UICA brings to our city.

Well you can’t please everyone! That is what the comment section was created for…true story. So do let us know of your favorite Instagram accounts from across the city. We are always on the hunt for the obscure and wonderful.

Ken Miguel-Cipriano is Rapid Growth’s innovation and jobs editor. To reach Ken, you can email [email protected] or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.
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