Standardized testing and COVID-19: GVSU makes changes to admission policies

SAT and ACT standardized tests are not required for students applying to GVSU in the fall 2021. How did GVSU leadership come to this decision?
During this time of uncertainty when a number of ACT and SAT tests have been cancelled for high school juniors, we wanted to remove stress and respond to the needs of prospective students. It appears that there may be an SAT available in the fall but that would mean that students who normally apply for admission in September and October would have to wait until they receive their scores back before they could apply. This policy eliminates the need to wait. A student can always add the test score to their application file if they choose and we will continue to use updated information such as an ACT or SAT for additional merit scholarship consideration.
What should students know about how admissions decisions are made, in light of this change?
Grand Valley has always used multiple criteria when making an admissions decision.  This includes cumulative high school grade point average, academic rigor of high school courses completed, grades in academic courses, grade point average trend along with any personal information a student selects to include in their application. It is especially important for a student to share their story with us so that we can know more about them when reviewing their application. The application for admissions includes a short answer response question that will allow a student to tell us more about themselves. 
Will GVSU make any accommodations for the class of 2020, in light of school closures, remote learning, and remote testing?

Admissions considerations will be made, including accepting the grading policies that high schools have put in place for their current online teaching curriculum. That would include schools that have changed their grading to credit/no credit or pass fail.

It was also announced $9 million in federal funds that will go directly to students experiencing a financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. How much of this will specifically go toward local GVSU students tuition? 

We will not know this. All of the hardship funding must be directly refunded to the student, so we will not know what they use the funding for once they receive it. Our application is here, so that will give you a better indication of what the students can ask for the hardship funds for.
Tell me about your Student Support Fund. How will this fund adjust to support students entering GVSU in the fall of 2020 and 2021?

The Student Support Fund supports students who experience an unusual or extreme financial event that could keep them from completing their degree, so we are thankful for this fund now! We know many students were/are impacted by COVID-19. Any student that contacts our office for additional support is reviewed and then we determine if we can help. This may be through a combination of funds (federal, state, institutional), including this Student Support Fund. We are grateful to our wonderful donors that continue to support this fund. The best advice for student or family that is looking for additional assistance is to make sure they reach out to our office so we can review their information [at] [email protected].

Photo courtesy Grand Valley State University.
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