G-Sync: West Michigan nonprofit retools overnight to benefit Michigan’s musicians

On any typical week within this G-sync space, we would devote almost exclusively our focus to those in the creative arts who make our Michigan venues and public spaces such a wonderful place for so many to call home or to visit.

I think we can all agree, just as our ability to gather is removed temporarily under CDC.gov rules on performances, that the COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed how we enjoy seeing our musicians performing, but also that these musical artists are facing hardships immediately as their bookings have canceled and their future income hopes have all evaporated so quickly.

Recognizing this crisis before us, Rapid Growth and our team of writers and creatives have retooled a week ago to begin to bring you daily stories as fast as we physically could. (We are a small team.) G-sync events recognizes this shift and want to share how one local group is making a difference. 

Lucky for us in West Michigan, another area organization, Michigan Music Alliance (a tiny and nimble like us), also retooled harnessing their mission "to provide the Michigan Music Community with music business education programming and rich community-building experiences that create lasting connection and collaboration" to launch the Michigan Artists Relief Fund.

This new fund seeks to serve our music community and within three days ago of their launch this fund to support Michigan musicians impacted by this pandemic, they have raised via their GoFundMe page just over $3,000 (GoFundMe + merch sales) With your help, they can hit their goal of $100,000. 

And all of these funds being raised will go to support our musicians all across the state.

Beginning on Friday, they will release the applications for musicians to fill out and within days after MAA reviews them, they will start to distribute funds immediately to those who qualify. MAA asks that you visit their page for the terms and conditions of this program that seeks to support full-time musicians who gig, teach music, or even work as artists within corporate bands and the often overlooked jazz circuit. 

Please take a moment to visit their website to either donate or inquire with them on the terms to see if you may qualify for support from this fund.

In addition, if I may be so bold since this does serve the entire state and yet is coming out of West Michigan, I would like to challenge our readers and fellow artists to share this information not just within our own community, but throughout the state. 

This way we ensure those who enjoy Michigan music know of the fund, and that all of our musicians have a chance to pay their bills as they continue to entertain and inspire us through their talent long into the future.

Thank you for supporting the arts.
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